7 Little Goats And The Big Bad Wolf Story

Seven Goats And The Wolf

It is the best 7 Little Goats And The Big Bad Wolf Story. Once upon a time, there lived a Goat and her seven Little kids’ goats. There was a happy little home. All the seven little kids used to play in the meadows. Their days used to go in complete harmony and bliss. But One day a Big and Scary black wolf noticed these little kids playing in the meadow.

This was great food for the black wolf. These would make delicious lamb chops for dinner tonight. After several months he was getting good food. The black wolf was waiting when his mother would leave him alone. The wolf was waiting hiding in the bushes.

It’s time soon, Lamb’s mom goes to get the bread and cookies from the market. And tells them that there are many wolves roaming around, so you guys take care of each other and don’t leave the house. You all will stay inside the house till I come.

The youngest lamb said that mother, how will we know that she is a wolf, not you. Mama Bakri said that the wretched wolf can be easily recognized by its hoarse voice and black legs. After this, the goat’s mother left for the market. And the kids made doubly sure with the locks on the door.

After making sure that they are safe in their little home off they went to play when suddenly there was a knock on the door. Hello, my children! Open the door your mother is back. Wolf said. And then looking at the door the eldest kid shouted back saying Go away! You big bad wolf.

Our mother doesn’t have such a hoarse voice! Hearing this the wolf got annoyed and ran to get a box of chalk as he heard that this would make his voice as soft as that of a baby.

So off he went and gulped off the whole box of chalk. Knocking on the door again he said hello kids your mother is back. Hearing this, everyone understood that the mother had returned. But the eldest lamb had seen the black feet of the wolf from under the door. “Go away bad wolf. Our mother has not got black feet but beautiful white feet” The elder lamb said.

Hearing this the wolf ran to the miller and jumped into the mountain of white dough. He was all white from head to toe. Running back to the house. He knocked again and said, Kids! Your mother is back open the door! “That sounds like our mother and also feet are white” all lamb ae sure. All the kids ran to the door and opened it. But just to see who was standing there the big bad wolf.

He gave a loud laugh and brushed off his white powder. “hello kids! Are you ready to become my feast tonight?” Wolf said. The kids were scared and ran here and there to save their lives. All the children hid in the house. Some went inside the kettle and some went to the oven. The children were hiding in such a place that the Wolf could not find them.

The wolf tried a lot but he could not find them. Then he heard the voice of the goat’s mother. Hearing this sound, Wolf ran away. The goat saw him going out of the house.

So, she quickly ran towards the house. He felt that he had lost all his children. But his baby was smarter than the wolf. He had driven the wolf away with his cleverness.

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