A.J Anthony Johnson ‘Friday’ actor and comedian dies at 55

Anthony Johnson the actor and comedian you best known for his role in ‘Friday’ and another film “House Party”. He died at the age of 55.

Anthony Johnson was born on February 1, 1996, in a middle-class family, his father was a stuntman and the founder of the Black Stuntmen Association. His father’s name was Eddie Smith. Johnson was married to Lexis Jones Mason. His brother was named Edward Smith, and a sister was named Sheila.

Johnson began his acting life in his early twenties. In 1990 he landed a starring role as E.Z.E in House Party after which he started doing stand-up comedy in bars in Los Angeles. Anthony Johnson plays the biggest role in the 1995 comedy “Friday” as Ezal, a crackhead and the thief.

He also appeared in several television shows like The Bold and the Beautiful, Martin, The Parent Hood, etc. He was also in rap videos. Johnson had credited his father for helping him enter the film industry, by getting him to work in film productions.

He had also credited the comedian Robin Harris for helping him earlier on in his career as a stand-up comedian and giving him another chance even when he was jeered for his bad performance.

In 2009 reported that Johnson had suffered a heart attack at LaGuardia Airport in New York City on July 29 while on his way to a comedy show.

However, he later clarified in 2018 that it was a panic attack. Johnson died On September 6, 2021, at Los Angeles Hospital But His death was publicly announced on September 20, 2021.

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