The Snow Queen Story

Fairy Tales Story
Fairy Tales Story
Short Story on Adventure Trip

The Snow Queen Story is a fairy tales story written by Hans Christian Andersen. Once upon a time, there lived a wicked troll king who built a magic mirror. The mirror made anything that was beautiful or good look ugly and bad in its reflection. The troll king was very mean indeed! He travelled around … Read more

The Three Feathers

the three feathers

This is one of the Grimm brother’s fairy tales story THE THREE FEATHER for kids. Once there was a King who had three sons, two of whom were clever and sensible. But the third did not speak very much and was simpleminded and the others hard-heartedly called him Dimwit. As the king grew old and … Read more

Short Story About Kindness

Short story about kindness

a short story about kindness for primary school and kids Short Story About Kindness: It was a calm and ordinary day at the police department. Officer James and his partner John were about to have their lunch. That’s when they received an unusual call. An elderly lady said on the phone “Hello, I don’t know … Read more

Short Sad Story About Love

Short sad story about love

One day when the boy and the girl just finished their date, the girl went home and her boyfriend called her. Boy: Hey Baby, how are you? Girl: Good. Boy: You sure. Girl: I am fine. Boy: I will call tomorrow to check up on you. Girl: Alright. Bye. Boy: Bye. And when they hug … Read more

The Giving Tree Story


This is a story about friendship and the unconditional love of nature. In a forest, on the outskirts of the city. There was a tree that stood tall and green. Its uncountable bright green leaves blew graciously with the wind. Birds would come from faraway places to sit on its branches and chirp their songs. … Read more

The Wise Man Story

the wise man story

This is one of the greatest bible story named The Three Wise Men. Three Wise Men :- Long time ago far away in the east. Three wise kings saw a beautiful star shining brightly in the sky over Bethlehem. Three wise man kings were King Gasper king Melchior and King Balthazar and they knew that … Read more

The Lazy Boy That Became A Cow

Long year ago, there lived a lazy boy. Other people worked hard but this boy only slept. One day his mother scolded him “Oh you are always sleeping. You have to work like other peoples.” The lazy boy did not want to be scolded. So, he went outside what’s the use of working. It’s is … Read more

Short Funny Story For Kids


A-CAP SELLER : Once a cap seller was going to sell the caps in a village market. He was going through a forest. He was carrying a basket of red caps on his head. He got tired in the heat of the sun and thought of lying down under a tree for some time. He … Read more

The Monkey And The Bell

the monkey and the bell

Once upon a time, there lived four robbers in a village. One day, they have stolen a temple bell and ran towards the forest. A lion heard the jingle of the bell and became curious to locate the sound. As soon as he saw the robbers. He jumped upon them and killed them at once. … Read more