The Magician And The Parrot

the magician and the parrot
Fairy Tales Story
Fairy Tales Story
Short Story on Adventure Trip

Once upon a time, a magician worked on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. The magician performed many different magic tricks each day. The tourists and the crowd loved the magic. But the tourists and the crowd changed every day. So, the magician did not come up with new magic tricks instead, he used the … Read more

The Rabbit In The Moon Story


The Rabbit In The Moon Story: A long time ago, A man lived on the moon. He was getting bored and gazing down at the earth. He looked at the horses. They were running in the field. He smiled at the snail on their slow speed. When he turned his gaze to the forest, he … Read more

The Foolish King Story

the foolish king story

THE FOOLISH KING STORY: Once upon a time, there was a King. His name was Jai Kumar. He believed that he was the cleverest of all the people in his Kingdom. He was convinced that nobody could trick him. Every day he displaced his wisdom in his palace and predictably, his ministers applauded every word … Read more

True Service Story


TRUE SERVICE STORY:- Grandfather, Naina, and Ajit started very early for their Sunday picnic. They took the first train to the village Hemapet. Two hours later, they found themselves at a tiny railway station.  They got down and stopped outside. A large well-built man wearing a dhoti-kurta and sporting a huge turban greeted them with … Read more

Evil Gaint Story


Long ago, On the Scheldt River in Belgium, was a rich port to which ships came from all over the world carrying sugar, wine, olives, oranges, wool, and many more goods. Rich merchant ships sailed from Holland and France down the river to other countries with timber, flax, linen, fish, cheese, bread, and iron. It … Read more

Sand And Stone Story


SAND AND STONE STORY :- Once upon a time, there were two best friends John and James. They had known each other all their life. They kept on helping each other in different situations no matter how serious the situation. When it came time to look for a job. They decided to travel together as … Read more

The Ugly Tree Story


THE UGLY TREE STORY: A long time ago, in a very dense forest. There were very beautiful dense fruit trees, trees covered with green leaves. All those trees were very proud of their beauty. All beautiful trees appreciate their beauty very much. Everyone used to think that this forest is very popular because of its … Read more

Cute Short Love Story

Cute short love story

Joe Larrabee was a young, ambitious artist from the Middle West. He drew his first painting at the age of six, which was then hung in a pharmacy. After he turned twenty, he moved to New York to pursue his dream of studying art. The female leading character DELIA, Delia was a skillful pianist from … Read more

Story On Faith In God


Once there was a man who loved to climb mountains. He decided to climb a particular mountain and was very confident of his own abilities that he didn’t bother to research or plan the path he would take to get to the top. He packed up his gear and started the upward trek. About halfway … Read more