Cute Short Love Story

Joe Larrabee was a young, ambitious artist from the Middle West. He drew his first painting at the age of six, which was then hung in a pharmacy. After he turned twenty, he moved to New York to pursue his dream of studying art.

The female leading character DELIA, Delia was a skillful pianist from a village in the south. She was really good at playing the piano. Her family gathered up the money to send her to New York City to further polish her skills.

Joe and Delia met each other at an art studio in New York. Different art novices had gathered there to learn and talk about various forms of art. Joe and Delia grew fond of each other in a short time and tied the knot soon after. They began spending their life in a plain and simple apartment. They were extremely happy together in each other’s company.

Joe joined an expensive course with the famous Magister. He wanted to become a professional and renowned painter. His aim was to sell art pieces to rich old men with good taste in art. Delia started taking her lessons with a famous pianist, Rosenstock, to refine her skills. They both had a clear vision regarding their careers and interests.

Their life was going smooth until they ran out of their savings. Delia decided to give piano lessons to earn some money for Joe. She wanted him to continue his painting classes. Delia’s decision upset him because he did not want her to work and give up on her own dreams. He thought about finding some work and quitting his classes. Delia disagreed and insisted he continues his classes.

One day Delia came home happily and exclaimed with joy that she had found a student. She told Joe that she would be giving music classes to the daughter of wealthy General Pinkney. Her name was Clementina. They would be paying her five dollars per class and she would take three classes per week. She described to Joe how lavish their house was and how sweet was her new pupil.

By the end of the week, Delia was very proud of her earnings. She placed fifteen dollars on the table. After seeing her salary Joe told Delia that he sold one of his sketches to a rich man. He made eighteen dollars out of it. They both were overjoyed with the money they earned and decided to have a small celebration.

Next week Joe arrived home earlier than Delia. Delia came home after half an hour. Joe was quick to notice her bandaged hand. He gently inspected her hand and inquired about it. Delia told him that her student accidentally spilled some hot food on it. She told Joe there was nothing serious to worry about. 

He figured out that there was something that Delia was keeping from him. He asked her about the time of the accident, upon which she told him that it took place around five o’clock. Joe asked Delia to sit down and tell him honestly what exactly was she doing the past two weeks.

She was a bit hesitant at first but eventually told him the truth. She explained to him that she could not find any student to give classes to, so she decided to start ironing clothes at a laundry. She had to lie because she didn’t want him to give up on his dreams. This was the reason for which she took that job and tried to keep the money coming. 

Delia then inspected how Joe caught her lie, upon which he revealed that no one bought his sketches. In reality, he had been firing the engine in the same laundry for the last two weeks. Joe explained to her that he was the one who sent the cotton with the ointment upstairs.

He was told that a girl burned her hand with a hot iron. They both laughed it off as they knew they lied to each other, but it was purely out of love.

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