Dinosaur Bedtime Story To read

In this story, you will read about the good dinosaur short story of how Baby Dinosaur made Rabbit and Squirrel his friends.

Dinosaur Bedtime Story To Read

Once upon a time, there lived a baby dinosaur in a big forest. Everyone used to run away from him because of his great stature. The animals of the forest were afraid that dinosaurs might eat us at any time. That’s why no one played with baby dinosaurs. He tried very hard to convince everyone that he would not harm any animal in the forest.

One day he went to the rabbit and said will you play with me. The rabbit replied that your height is very big, you can harm me anytime. Disappointed, he went back to his home. The next day, with renewed hope, he went to the squirrel and said would you like to play with me. Then the squirrel’s mother said that many trees had fallen last month due to your mother’s big stature and many squirrels had lost their lives.

I don’t want to let this accident happen again, so you get away from my kids, little dinosaurs. Dinosaur got a sad hearing this and went to a hill and sat down. He used to sit on that hill every day and watch squirrels and rabbits playing. One day the little rabbit and squirrels were playing on the top of the hill and the baby dinosaur was watching them play.

Suddenly Mr. Wolf reached there when he saw the little ones playing together. He rejoiced a lot he thought to himself what a great lunch of the little Rabbits and squirrels will be the evil. Mr. Wolf got close to the baby animals and jumped towards the little ones. They got very scared and started shouting loudly please help us! Every little rabbit and squirrel ran away.

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Then one of the rabbits said hey guys Baby Dinosaur is right here let’s get to him and hide behind his legs. The little Rabbits and her friends ran as fast as they could to reach the baby Dinosaur. They hid right behind baby Dinosaur legs. You might also like The Elephant And The Ant Short Story.

Mr. Wolf reached baby dinosaur. The wolf told the baby dinosaur that this is my food, you give it to me. The dinosaur said this is my friend, you go away from here. He turned to Baby dinosaur and told him what If I don’t go. Baby Dinosaur told him that I will push him away with my leg and fall off this hill if you don’t go. Mr. Wolf was horrified to hear this and he did not want it to happen.

So he decided to give up the fight and walk away from there. The little Rabbits and Squirrels were very happy. They gathered around the baby Dinosaur and showed their happiness and Baby Dinosaur laughed happily with them too.

Now baby Dinosaur’s had lots of friends they were sorry for treating baby Dinosaur so badly. But now baby Dinosaur was their friend because he cared for them and defended them. Every day, they all started playing games together on top of the hill.

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