Funny Bedtime Stories For Kids


Once upon a time, there was a rabbit. He found a ball. It was a big round and colorful ball. The rabbit picked it up and looked at it carefully. It was very hard too. Rabbit said loudly “It is so big whose egg is this.” The rabbit wondered. Rabbit called Tortoise and asked, “Is this Tigers egg.” Tortoise said “No, it is not a tiger egg. Tiger egg is not so big.”

After that Rabbit called the Monkey and asked “Is this camel egg?” The Monkey said “No, this is not a Camel egg. Camel egg is not colorful.” The rabbit called stork and asked, “Is this an elephant egg?” The Stork look closely at the ball and pierced the ball with its beak. The bursts and air started coming out of it. “This is winds egg.” Said the Stork. “Yes, it is winds egg.” Agreed the Rabbit, Monkey, and the Tortoise. They all shouted and were very happy to find out the wind egg is this.


One day two cats found a piece of bread. But they kept fighting for it. The first cat said it was his, but the second cat refused and claimed it to be his. A clever monkey that was walking their way decided to help them. He took the bread and told them that he would split it in half and share it equally with them.

The cats agreed. But when he did this, one piece was bigger than the other. So he took a bite to make it equal. But this time, the other piece was bigger. This went on for a while. He kept taking a bite off each bread to make sure it was the same size. ALSO READ Short Funny Bedtime Stories For Adults.

However, in the end, he ate up the whole bread. The angry cats asked him why he did that, and the clever monkey replied saying that if they had dealt with the problem on their own, this wouldn’t have happened, but since they were stupid and could not do that, they both lost what they could have. The happy monkey went home while the two cats remained hungry.


Once upon a time, in a dense forest there lived an elephant named Peter, who was the most forgetful elephant ever. he could never remember anything when the need be. He would often forget where he had kept his things.  He even used to forget whether he had eaten anything today or not. Sometimes he would even forget what he said to his friends and even the favorite character in his favorite movie.

But the worst part of it all was that Peter would often forget the plans he had made with people. He was notorious for always being late. He always reached late even in the meetings of friends. But most of his friends had accepted Peter the way he was; except Suzy.

Suzy was Peter’s wife, and she was growing tired of Peter ditching plans all the time. Of course, Peter never intended to miss their hangouts, but somehow, he would always end up forgetting. This made Suzy feel less important in his life day by day. One day Suzy met Peter and said: 

“It is our anniversary tomorrow and we will go out for dinner, if you’re not on time, we’re done for good.”

Peter was worried that he would upset Suzy this time. There had to be a way for him to remember. He took out a red ribbon from his drawer and tied it around his trunk. He thought that next morning when he would look at the ribbon it would remind him of the dinner and he would not miss it. That night Peter went to sleep thinking he was on to something.

But the next morning when Peter woke up and looked at himself in the mirror, he saw the red ribbon.

But he had forgotten what it was for.

He knew it had to remind him of something, but he no longer knew what. Peter panicked and panicked, he paced all around his house trying to figure out what it was that he was forgetting but to no avail. He called all his friends and all the places he usually went to ask if he had a commitment with anyone, yet there were none. Soon night took over the sky and Peter decided that he would ask Suzy what the ribbon was for. She must remember.

Peter rushed to Suzy and expected her to remember but even before Peter had the chance to ask her, she embraced him and gave him the biggest smooch he had ever gotten in all his elephant years. He had arrived in time for the dinner and they ended up going out and having a lovely night, full of love, laughter, and fun.

But Peter still didn’t know what the ribbon was for.


There was once a tiny little mouse who was so terrified of being trampled and squished by all the other animals in the forest that he always hid in the bushes. It was almost as if they enjoyed scaring him or threatening him. 

One day as the mouse was wandering around during the night, a strong wind began to blow. Suddenly, a white cloth came flying with the wind and landed over the mouse. As he began to shuffle around, an idea came to his mind. 

He should pretend to be a vicious ghost. And that is what he did. During the night he would keep on the white cloth over his body and loom around the forest till some animals spotted him. They were instantly petrified. Soon word began to spread and all the animals found out that there was a ghost which lived on the dark path in the forest.

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