The Wise Man Story

the wise man story

This is one of the greatest bible story named The Three Wise Men. Three Wise Men :- Long time ago far away in the east. Three wise kings saw a beautiful star shining brightly in the sky over Bethlehem. Three wise man kings were King Gasper king Melchior and King Balthazar and they knew that … Read more

Evil Gaint Story


Long ago, On the Scheldt River in Belgium, was a rich port to which ships came from all over the world carrying sugar, wine, olives, oranges, wool, and many more goods. Rich merchant ships sailed from Holland and France down the river to other countries with timber, flax, linen, fish, cheese, bread, and iron. It … Read more

Story On Faith In God


Once there was a man who loved to climb mountains. He decided to climb a particular mountain and was very confident of his own abilities that he didn’t bother to research or plan the path he would take to get to the top. He packed up his gear and started the upward trek. About halfway … Read more

Short Story On Adventure Trip


Short Story On Adventure Trip This is an amazing and interesting story. This is a short adventurous story. Once upon a time there lived four best friends in New York City. Their names were John, James, David, and Sophia. They were all getting very bored as their summer vacation had started. John said there is … Read more

Dinosaur Bedtime Story To read


In this story, you will read about the good dinosaur short story of how Baby Dinosaur made Rabbit and Squirrel his friends. Dinosaur Bedtime Story To Read Once upon a time, there lived a baby dinosaur in a big forest. Everyone used to run away from him because of his great stature. The animals of … Read more

Story About Greedy Man

Story About Greedy Man

This is one of the best English stories Story About Greedy Man. In this story, you will read the story of a greedy milkman who wanted to become richer than the people of the village. Greedy Milkman Once upon a time, in a small village lived Henry and his wife Nancy. Henry is a milkman. … Read more