King Bruce And The Spider Short Story:

Once upon a time, there was a brave and wise king named Robert Bruce. He was the king of Scotland. One day, the king of England led a large army into Scotland. ‘I must fight with king Bruce and drive him out of Scotland and grab Scotland country from King Bruce.’ he said.

King Bruce refused to give up his country and gathered an army and decided to fight with England King. King Bruce had a small army as compared to the England army. Even so, He fought the war bravely with the king of England. He fought six-time and lost all six times.

He was defeated all six times. He could do nothing more than run and hide. He hid in a cave in the forest. Also, Read King Midas And The Donkey Ears Story

One rainy day, king Bruce lay on a pile of straw in the cave. He felt very tired and sick. He thought, ‘I do not want to try again. I lost everything. As he lay thinking, he saw a spider spinning her web in the cave. He watched her as she worked hard with great care.

She was trying to spin her thin threat from one end of the cave to the other. She kept falling down. The thread was thin and short. But she kept trying.

Short Story on Adventure Trip
Short Story on Adventure Trip

King Bruce counted the number of times she tried and failed. ‘Six times! How sad!’ he said. ‘You can never do it, you poor thing.’ Said king Bruce aloud.

The spider did not give up. She succeeded the seventh time. this time, she was able to spin her thread to the other end of the cave.

King Bruce was surprised. ‘Wow!’ he cried. If a little spider-like you can do it. I too can. ‘I will fight the war a seventh time and I will win.’ cried King Bruce.

King Bruce came out of his hiding place. He gathered all his soldiers and told about his plan and sent them back to his country to bring more men for his army. The faithful followers did as they were told and brought back more men. After six times defeat. this time King Bruce marched to the battlefield with a large army.

He fought the king of England one more time with more effort and a large army. This time, he won the war. This time, he won the war.

King Bruce learned a lesson from the little spider- ‘Try, try, try again. You can win.

Keep trying again and again until you succeed.

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