The Three Feathers

the three feathers

This is one of the Grimm brother’s fairy tales story THE THREE FEATHER for kids. Once there was a King who had three sons, two of whom were clever and sensible. But the third did not speak very much and was simpleminded and the others hard-heartedly called him Dimwit. As the king grew old and … Read more

The Foolish King Story

the foolish king story

THE FOOLISH KING STORY: Once upon a time, there was a King. His name was Jai Kumar. He believed that he was the cleverest of all the people in his Kingdom. He was convinced that nobody could trick him. Every day he displaced his wisdom in his palace and predictably, his ministers applauded every word … Read more

King Midas And The Donkey Ears Story


In Greek mythology, Midas was the name of the king in a region that is known as Turkey. He was known for his greed and foolishness. In this story, Midas is foolish enough not to choose the God of music as the winner of a music contest. A long time ago, Pan, the God of … Read more