Magical Hotel Room Story

Magical Hotel Room

Once upon a time, there lived a couple in a small town. Wife “Jennifer” and husband “John”. John was very talented and wanted to move to New York City for his great achievement. After reaching New York City, he searched many rooms but in any good hotel, the room was not empty. After much effort, he got a room in a hotel there. There was only one empty room in that hotel.

That hotel was very old and very strange. After seeing the hotel, Jennifer refused to take a room to John in this hotel. John tells Jennifer that this is the last hotel in the city with only one empty room. Well, this hotel is strange and different from other hotels. We will decide only after seeing the hotel room whether we will stay in this hotel or not.

Jennifer accepted his request and agreed to visit the room. The rooms of that hotel were very beautiful. But the room they got was different from all the rooms in the hotel. Seeing this, Jennifer agreed to stay in that hotel.

It must have been only a week since John and Jennifer lived in that room. Jennifer had strange dreams and realized that there was someone else living in this room other than her and John. Jennifer told this to the hotel manager and John.

But both avoided it considering it as an illusion. One night while Jennifer was sleeping, she had a dream in which she saw that there is another room in her room which is very spacious and strange.

Seeing this dream, she shouted loudly. Jennifer told John about her dream. John listened to her and said that this is a dream and it can never come true. John smiles softly and tells Jennifer to go to sleep and he also goes to sleep. The next day, when John leaves for the office, Jennifer searches the room she had seen in her dream. But even after many attempts, he could not find that room.

John was thinking while going to the office that why is Jennifer behaving so strange. John was wondering whether Jennifer’s words were true or not because John knows that this hotel is different and very strange from other hotels. The same night John wakes up to drink water, when he reaches the kitchen, he sees the door to another room.

He was shocked to see this. Then he moves towards that room and goes inside it. The room was so huge that there was no end to it and it was filled with darkness. Very little sunlight was coming into that room. John tells himself “How could it be such a big room in such a small hotel room. This is the same room as Jennifer told me”.

John shouted out loud “Wake up, Jennifer! Come here soon see what I got”. Jennifer wakes up in a panic and runs towards the kitchen. Jennifer says “John where are you”. John says “Baby look here. “Jennifer is shocked to see that room as it was the same room that Jennifer had seen in her dream. She goes inside that room. Jennifer also reacts like John seeing that room.

John goes further inside the room. Then suddenly something falls on them. It was a very old book with The Magical Room written on its front page in capital letters. John takes her outside and reads. After reading a few pages of the book, John learns that whoever enters this room and expresses his wish, his wish is granted in a matter of seconds.

Jennifer and John both become very happy. Both of them run inside the room and start telling their wish. John asks for an expensive car for himself and Jennifer asks for a bag full of dollars for herself. A few seconds later, a bag full of dollars appears in front of Jennifer and a car is seen in the hotel parking lot.

John was very happy to get such a valuable car and Jennifer was very happy to get the dollar bag. After some time, Jennifer tells John it has been a long night. Both make sure that now they should go to sleep. She falls asleep keeping the bag under her pillow and John also falls asleep with his key in the locker. But their happiness was only for a few hours. Because what is about to happen the next morning will destroy all their happiness.

The next morning Jennifer wakes up and first checks her bag. Instead of a bag under her pillow, she found ashes. The same thing happened to John; the ashes were found instead of the car keys. Seeing the ashes, Jennifer started crying.

John said to Jennifer “Calm down! We can ask for more bags like this from the magic room. Jennifer agrees with him and goes to that room again and asks for a bag full of dollars, but again after a few hours later that bag turns into ashes, and John’s car also turns into ashes.

Jennifer and John again go to the magic room and ask for his wish. But again, all the things he had asked from the Magical Room turn into ashes. John understood by seeing all this that things earned cheating or without hard work does not last long in your life.

From that day onwards John and Jennifer stopped going to that room and bought a car with their hard-earned money. Jennifer also collected the money and took the diamond necklace. Who stayed with him for the rest of his life?

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