Mickey Mouse Bedtime Story Number

This is one of the Mickey Mouse bedtime story number. Mickey’s Campout story which you can read in 5 minute Mickey Mouse stories book. In this article, you will read Mickey Mouse and his friend’s annual campout story. 

Mickey’s Campout

Mickey Mouse and his friends were very excited. It was a good time for their annual campout! Everyone was given different jobs. Mickey packed the tent. Goofy learned to light a fire. Minnie and Daisy made dinner for everyone. And Donald bought some new flashlights for everyone.

“Is everybody ready?” Mickey asked when they had packed up the car. “Let’s go!”   

Mickey drove up the mountain and threw the woods. Finally, he parked the car next to a lake. “Here we are,” he said. “Gosh”, smell that fresh air Goofy asked as he took a deep breath. “What should we do first?”

“Let’s set up our tents,” Mickey suggested. You might also like Best-Selling Children’s Book Of All Time 2021

“I have never put up a tent before,” Minnie said. “It’s easy!” Mickey told her. “Just slip the tent poles into the pockets.”

“Um, Mickey?” Daisy said. “Where are the poles?” Mickey’s eyes grew wide. “Oh, no! he exclaimed. “I forget them!”

“That’s okay, Mickey,” Goofy said. “We’ll have just as much fun sleeping under the stars.”

As the sun started to set Daisy. She worked it’s catching a little chilly she said. “Maybe we should build a campfire” Donald suggested. “Sure!” Goofy replied. “Let’s go find some firewood.”

Mickey and his friends hiked into the forest to gather some firewood. When they had enough, Goofy showed them how to pile the sticks inside a circle of rocks.

“Stand back while I light the fire, everybody,” Goofy said. Then he frowned. “Uh-oh. I forget to bring the matches!” You might also like Mickey Mouse Story To Read

“Don’t worry, Goofy,” Minnie said. “Our sleeping bags will keep us warm. Now, who’s hungry? We have hot dogs, corn…” “Ands’ more for dessert!” added Daisy.

But Minnie and Daisy found a big surprise when they reached the picnic basket had tipped over and something had eaten all the food!

“No campfire and No dinner rumble Donald at least we have a flashlight.


Donald pushed the button on the flashlight, but it didn’t shine.


He tried again. Nothing happened.  “Aw, shucks!” Donald cried. “I remembered to buy a flashlight- but I forget to buy batteries!”

Suddenly, a flash of lightning lit up the sky. “Maybe we should just go home,” Minnie said. “We can’t camp in the rain without tents.”

“Or dinner.” Added Daisy.

“Or a campfire,” Goofy chimed in.

“Or a flashlight,” Donald said. You might also like Mickey Mouse Bedtime Short Story

Mickey agreed and the group rushed to the car. No one spoke for the whole drive home. Mickey could tell that his friends were very disappointed.

As they walked into his house, Mickey had an idea. “I know!” he said. “Instead of having a campout, let’s have a camp-in! We can camp right here in the living room.”

“Oh, Mickey, what a great idea!’ Minnie cried. “That sounds like so much fun!”

Mickey got the tent poles from the basement. Then he put up the tents while Goofy built a fire in the fireplace. 

Outside, the rain kept pouring down, but Mickey and his friends didn’t mind. Their tents were strong and sturdy. The fire was warm and toasty. The flashlight shined brightly. And their picnic was delicious! You might also like Mickey Mouse Story in English 

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