The Giving Tree Story


This is a story about friendship and the unconditional love of nature. In a forest, on the outskirts of the city. There was a tree that stood tall and green. Its uncountable bright green leaves blew graciously with the wind. Birds would come from faraway places to sit on its branches and chirp their songs. … Read more

The Lazy Boy That Became A Cow

Long year ago, there lived a lazy boy. Other people worked hard but this boy only slept. One day his mother scolded him “Oh you are always sleeping. You have to work like other peoples.” The lazy boy did not want to be scolded. So, he went outside what’s the use of working. It’s is … Read more

True Service Story


TRUE SERVICE STORY:- Grandfather, Naina, and Ajit started very early for their Sunday picnic. They took the first train to the village Hemapet. Two hours later, they found themselves at a tiny railway station.  They got down and stopped outside. A large well-built man wearing a dhoti-kurta and sporting a huge turban greeted them with … Read more

The Ugly Tree Story


THE UGLY TREE STORY: A long time ago, in a very dense forest. There were very beautiful dense fruit trees, trees covered with green leaves. All those trees were very proud of their beauty. All beautiful trees appreciate their beauty very much. Everyone used to think that this forest is very popular because of its … Read more

Short Story About God With Moral Lesson

short story about god with moral lesson

(Meaning of Ganesha and Modak are given at the bottom of the page.) Lord Ganesh: Once upon a time, when all the people on earth were celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi. On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, Ganesha goes out to roam the earth with his vehicle mouse with Modak made by Parvati Mata’s hand. Sitting in … Read more

The Fox Ghost


The Fox Ghost Story for kids: Many animals used to live in a forest. All considered themselves more intelligent and powerful than each other that’s why they used to fight with each other. One day a Fox came from another forest. At the time of her arrival in the forest in the very beginning, she … Read more

The Princess On The Glass Hill


The Princess On The Glass Hill story : Once upon a time, a farmer had three sons. Jim, Ken, and Sam and a large field. He was a happy man except for one thing. In the last days of summer every year, something ate all his crops. He decided to talk to his son about … Read more

The Two Headed bird

The two headed bird

The bird with two heads short story : A long time ago, there was a very old forest. And lots of animals used to live in that forest. Among them, there was a bird and that bird was very unique. He had two heads one stomach and two legs! Whatever the first head used to … Read more

Short Stories For Adult With Moral Lessons


Short Stories With Moral 1. The Donkey Trapped In His Own Trick A villager had a donkey. He used to make his living by transporting goods from one place to another on that donkey. One morning, he loaded salt on the donkey and headed towards the city. A drain ran from his way towards the … Read more