Real Life Inspiring Stories That Touched Heart

I am going to share with you real life inspiring stories that touched heart. By reading these stories, you will have the desire to do something good in your life. All your negative thinking will turn into positive thinking. People’s life changing stories.

1. Michael Jordan:-

Today I’m going to tell you a true story based on a famous basketball player Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is an American basketball player, those who have retired now,

But Michael was born into a very poor family, so he and his family lived in a small hut, Whereas Michael always thought of doing something big, so that their poverty problem can be solved.

When he was 13 years old, his father called him, and an old cloth given to him and said, OK son, tell me what will be it cost. Michael said after thinking a little, it would be one dollar at least.

Then the father said that after going to market, you have to sell this cloth for two dollars. After that Michael washed that cloth off well, And then due to not having an iron at home, he put that cloth under a lot of clothes to straighten it.

Then the next day, the clothes are looking good before. Now he went to a nearby railway station and sold the clothes after waiting for 5 hours. And coming home very happy and gave money to his father.

Now 15 days later, father gave him another cloth again, and said, go and sell it for $ 20. Then Michael was surprised and said, who’ll pay 20 dollars for it? After that father said to try once.

Therefore, he set his mind again and with the help of his friend went to the city and put the image of Mickey Mouse on that cloth. And started selling it in front of the school of rich children.

Then a small child bought the cloth telling his father. The father of the small child also gave a $ 5 extra tip to Michael. And thus he sold 1 dollar of cloth for 25 dollars. Hence gladly came home and told dad.

A few days later his father gave him a cloth again and said son, take this and sell it for $ 200. This time it was too much, but Michael did not say anything. Because every time he was succeeding.

So, this time he took two to three days, he could not understand anything how to price it from $ 1 to $ 200. And suddenly an idea came to his mind and he immediately went to the city. There was a very popular actress in the city that day.

Then he broke the police cordon and went on that cloth to ask for the autograph of that actress. The actress could not deny seeing the child innocently. And that actress gave her autograph on that cloth.

The next day he went to the market and started selling that autographed cloth for $ 200. And a lot of people gathered to get that dress, the crowd became so much that started bidding for that cloth.

But last, a man of money bought that cloth for $ 2000. This time when he reached home with so much money and told the whole story to his father, then tears came into his father’s eyes. And he said, “Son, you can do anything in your life.”

So, recalling the same thing, Michael said in an interview, where positive thinking takes place, their way becomes automatic. Because you can never live a positive life with negative thinking.

That’s why always think big and positive, your path will become automatically.

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2. Inspirational Stories About Accepting:-

“By reading this story, your bad feelings will end and your negative thoughts will turn into positive thinking.”

Once upon a time, there lived a man in a small village. There was a mountain near his house, where he used to go every morning.

He used to sit on that mountain for a while and then he used to come back. As usual, he was going to the mountain in the morning

. His little son came from behind and held his hand and said today I will also go with you.

He explained to his son that the path is too short and the height is too much. Saying this, he refused to him. But when his son insisted, the father agreed.

So, both started climbing the mountain. The father was holding the son’s hand tightly.

There was a mountain on the left and the cruise was on the side and the path was very short.

When they were about to reach the top of the mountain, a big stone came on the way. His father survived by hitting that stone.

His father survives hitting the stone because he comes there every day, so he knew that there is a stone there.

And if the attention of his son was anywhere else, then his knee hit the stone and shouted ah! as he screamed, her voice started echoing in the mountains.

Before that, his son had not heard the echo of his voice. So, he could not understand what was happening. He got a little nervous he thought there is someone who is making fun of him.

Then he said, who are you? His voice again echoed and when that child heard this echo. So, he got angry. He started thinking who is this who has been making fun of me.

His father all understood what was happening. His son held his father’s hand tightly and asked him who is harassing him so much.

His father smiled a little and looked at the ditch and said out loud, I love you very much. Hearing this, the child was shocked and could not understand what was happening.

The same man who is mocking and harassing me. The same person is telling my father that I love you very much. His father looked at his son and understood what was going on in his mind.

Then again, his father said that you are very good. Hearing this, his son smiled and asked his father what was happening.

Then his father explained to him that the voice you are hearing is not that of anyone else, it is your voice that is echoing in the mountains.

This is your voice. You listen as you speak. If you say something with anger and whatever voice you hear, then there will be anger in that voice as well. But if you say something good then that voice will also be good.

In the same way, it happens in our life also. Just like you think about this life in your mind. This life becomes just like that for you.

And if you keep saying in your mind that your life is very bad, then your life will be really bad.

And if you love your life, then your life will love you too.

This story gives us this inspiration, no matter how difficult our life, we should always keep positive thinking. And we should always keep trying.


Once, a girl tried very hard to crack the entrance exam. Worked very hard but could not crack the exam. Because of this, she broke completely inside and she did not leave her room for a week.

She was very sad and distraught. This condition of her daughter was not seen by her father. Then one day he called his daughter and said, daughter, come with me to the kitchen, I have to show you something.

They brought three bowls and filled water in all three, then put potatoes in the first bowl, put eggs in the second bowl, and coffee beans in the last bowl. And left to boil.

It was twenty minutes and he stood there with his daughter and watched the bowl. So his daughter started to get irritated.

His daughter says what are you doing. The father said wait a minute, you will understand everything. Then his father turned off the gas stove.

Take out the potatoes from the first bowl and put them on a plate. Take out the eggs from the second bowl and put them on a plate, filter the coffee beans in a cup then put them all on the table.

He asked his daughter what do you see. His daughter said, “What is there to see? One has potatoes, one has eggs and one has coffee beans”.

His father said that once you touch him, maybe you understand something.

His daughter first touched the potatoes and pressed them a little, then they broke. Potatoes had become very soft. When he touched the egg they were hard.

His father said, now smell this coffee. Father said, did you understand what happened? 

Potatoes, Eggs, and Coffee beans went to the gas stove in the same situation but after boiling all three changed their state.

Potatoes: – When we put them on hot, they were very hard and strong but after going in hot water they became very soft and weak.

Eggs: – Eggs were weak inside before going into hot water, but after going into hot water they became strong inside.

And third, was coffee: – After going into hot water the coffee did not change itself but changed the water.

 In the same way, it happens in our life also. What would you like to be among these three?

1. Like a potato, when your life is difficult, you get completely broken from the inside and become weak.

2. Like an egg, when your life is hard, you become stronger from the inside.

3. Like a coffee, when your life is hard, then not only do you have to face those difficulties, but you have to change your life.

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4. One Word Change Your Life:-

This is the story of two friends and their friendship was started a few days ago in a hospital room where both were admitted. One of the two was paralyzed a few days ago.

Because of this the entire body below the neck was paralyzed and he could not even move one of his fingers. He used to tell all the nurses to give me an injection of poison so that I would die.

I don’t want to live anymore He had a friend who could walk. He would stand near the window in the morning and evening and tell his friend what was going on outside the window.

The sky is blue and the clouds are white. A slow breeze is blowing. Birds are flying. There is a very beautiful beach where children are building sand houses.

Some people are sitting there and watching the waves of the sea and some people are walking on the beach. The seawater turns completely golden at the time of sunset and begins to glow. Initially, when he started telling all these things, his friend was not much affected.

Slowly, the desire to live inside him began to awaken.

Now he started waiting for the morning. He was very happy because again, his friend was about to tell him a beautiful scene. This went on for a few days.

Then one day he saw that the front bed is empty. He called the nurse and said that my friend has been discharged. The nurse told him that he died last night.

Hearing this, the hope inside him completely shattered because he had only one friend who connected him to the outside world.

He kept crying for a few days and gave up the desire to live. The next day, there was a wish in him that once before I die, I will see with my own eyes how the world is outside this window.

As his desire grew, energy flowed in him and one day he put all his strength and somehow, he reached the window. As soon as he looked outside the window, he was filled with anger and gave a loud voice to the nurse. He told the nurse why you put this black wall outside the window.

The nurse said I have been here for five years since then this wall has been here. Then he understood that his friend was lying to him. He asked the nurse if this black wall has been there for the last five years, then why did my friend lie to me.

The nurse smiled a little and said I do not know why your friend lied to you. But I definitely know that whatever they said to you, that’s why you are standing on your feet right now.

So, from this story, we get to learn that our words have so much power that there is no limit. Words can defeat a man in life and can also be won in life.

5. Dr. A. P. J Kalam:-

Abdul Kalam was born on 15 October 1931 in Dhanushkodi, a village in Tamil Nadu. His father used to rent boats to fishermen. Kalam also worked as a newspaper salesman to complete his studies.

Dr. Kalam faced many challenges in life. His life has always been a struggle, he never gave up on his struggling life, always walked on the path of excellence, he worked for the benefits of his country more than his own.

Once in an interview with an Air Force pilot, he was deeply disappointed by his 9th position (a total of eight candidates had to be selected).

He went to Rishikesh Baba Shibanand and narrated his agony to him. Baba told him that there is no need to be disappointed with failure. Accept your destiny and go ahead with your life.

You are not destined to become an Airforce Pilot. Forget this failure, because it was necessary to lead you to your existence. Keep working hard and keep believing in God.

After a lot of hard work and struggle, Kalam was elected as the 11th President of India in 2002, even before he became President, he was conferred with Bharat Ratna.

He is the third President to be awarded the Bharat Ratna.

Even at the age of 71, he worked tirelessly to make India a superpower.

The father of India’s missile program, Drs. Kalam shocked the world by giving missiles like ‘Agni’ and ‘Prithvi’ to the country, bringing China and Pakistan to their border. After that, he is also known as the Missile Man of India.

This story gives us the inspiration that we should keep working hard no matter how many obstacles come in the way, we should never give up.


Ratan Tata is an Indian industrialist, philanthropist, and former chairman of Tata Sons. Born in a prominent family of industrialists and philanthropists, he was educated at Cornell University and later at Harvard University.

He was raised by his grandmother after his parents split. He didn’t let those grievances affect him. His first job was in Tata Steel. He stayed, ate, worked, and slept with the workers. Soon, he was appointed as the Director-in-Charge of National Radio and Electronics Company Ltd. (Nalco) and built it up in a short span of time. However, because of the economic recession, the venture did not survive. This was his first failure, but that didn’t stop him from trying. 

Despite being privileged, he stayed humble because of his journey. We see this in countless incidents throughout his life. Two of them that stand out to us-

First, he personally went to the houses of all the employees who suffered in the horrendous 26/11 Taj attack. He gave them compensation for their injuries and arranged for doctors and psychologists for those suffering. He also helped those who lost their loved ones through the attack by giving them the late employee’s lifetime salary, in addition to any compensation needed. 

Second, he is a man of his word and never backs down from it. We see this when he attended a college event. He promised the students to meet them after the event was over. The event took longer than expected and he had a flight to catch. He canceled his flight just to meet with the students, as he had given them his word. 

He talks about how leadership is not a position, it’s an action and also understands the importance of action and isn’t afraid to take risks.

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