Short Sad Story About Love

Short sad story about love

One day when the boy and the girl just finished their date, the girl went home and her boyfriend called her. Boy: Hey Baby, how are you? Girl: Good. Boy: You sure. Girl: I am fine. Boy: I will call tomorrow to check up on you. Girl: Alright. Bye. Boy: Bye. And when they hug … Read more

Cute Short Love Story

Cute short love story

Joe Larrabee was a young, ambitious artist from the Middle West. He drew his first painting at the age of six, which was then hung in a pharmacy. After he turned twenty, he moved to New York to pursue his dream of studying art. The female leading character DELIA, Delia was a skillful pianist from … Read more

Short Cute Bedtime Story For Girlfriend


In this post, you will read two cute short bedtime story for girlfriend. By reading these stories, the love inside you will increase even more. Childhood Love Once upon a time, there was a boy, his name was John. When John was at Six Standard. Since then he was in love with a girl. That … Read more

Short Romantic Bedtime Stories

Short Romantic Bedtime Stories

I have written short romantic bedtime stories. It’s all a short and interesting Romantic bedtime story for adults. These are bedtime stories for girlfriend. In this article, the story of TRUE LOVE, STRANGE LOVE, MISS BALLERINA, ULTIMATE LOVE, WORTHY RELATIONSHIP, LOVE IS BLIND. TRUE LOVE One day two students from Catholic Church asked their teacher why … Read more