Sand And Stone Story


Once upon a time, there were two best friends John and James. They had known each other all their life. They kept on helping each other in different situations no matter how serious the situation. When it came time to look for a job.

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They decided to travel together as well and visited many places to earn more money. They passed through various places, villages, towns, forests and they were supporting each other all the way throughout their journey. One day their travels took them across a harsh desert.

John said to James “We have limited food and water and we still have a lot of this desert left to cross. We should conserve our supplies.” James replied, “But I want some water.” John replied, “You can drink water but just a little bit. We have to save it for the rest of the desert crossing.” Also Read Short Story About Two Best Friends

He wanted to drink water as he was very thirsty. They quarreled with each other to have water. John slapped James and they walked in silence. They decided to have food and continue their journey. James wrote in the sand, “My best friends slapped me today!”

After a while, they came upon an oasis and were very happy. They refilled their bottle and took a bath in the water. However, James became careless and started to drown. John grabbed him and pulled him out of the water to safety. James hugged his friend and thanked him.

They decided to sleep for some time. When they woke up and were ready to leave this place. James wrote something on a big stone. John asked, “What are you writing James?” James replied “When you slapped me. I wrote in the sand that you slapped me. The winds would have blown that away by now.

But when you saved my life. I wrote it in stone so that nothing can erase it. Both friends became overwhelmed and hugged each other.

James remembered the good things about their friendship and chose to forget the bad things.

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