Short Cute Bedtime Story For Girlfriend

In this post, you will read two cute short bedtime story for girlfriend. By reading these stories, the love inside you will increase even more.

Childhood Love

Once upon a time, there was a boy, his name was John. When John was at Six Standard. Since then he was in love with a girl. That girl’s name was Sophia. They both studied in the same school, same standard and same section. This school was up to eight standards only.

They were very good friends. Always used to help each other. John cared for Sophia a little too much. Both were very much in love with each other but were afraid to tell each other. This continued for the next year. Sophia kept hinting at him but he could not understand anything.

John thought it was one-sided love, she doesn’t love me. But in the first week of the session, his classmate gave him a letter. It was a love letter from Sofia. John was very happy to read this letter.

From this day onwards, both used to reach school first every day and used to talk a lot. But this happiness was only for a few months. After a few months, they both separated from each other as this school was only till class VIII. Both did not want to leave each other. But they couldn’t do anything. Both went to their respective destinations. Sophia and John continued on their way to success.

They finally met each other on social media after six years and John proposed to her for marriage. Then they got married and started living happily.

True Love Story

Martha and Martin together with their two teenage sons lived on the outskirts of the city. They were college sweethearts and their love for each other grew even more potent with time. Still, in their thirties, they behaved like teenagers.

They were always on each other, even in public sometimes without knowing. One day Martha received a diagnosis that would change their lives forever. She had cancer and the doctor gave her three months to live. Martin walked into the room and found her eyes swollen from crying.

He sensed something was wrong because he had never found her that way. She grabbed her from the sofa and took her upstairs to bed. For a second, news about cancer didn’t matter anymore. All she knew was that Martin was there and would make everything right. 

She lay her head on Martin’s shoulder as they lay on their cozy bed and felt as if a lot of weight had been taken off her shoulders. Martin supported her in every way he could until she passed away.

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