Short Funny Bedtime Stories For Adults

This is the best Short Funny Bedtime Stories For Adults. You will definitely laugh after reading all these stories. You will surely laugh after reading all these stories. Laughing at least once every day will make us a happier person and fill us with energy and enthusiasm.

Short Funny Bedtime Stories For Adults

1. Hunters and the plane

An airplane was hired by two hunters to go to a distant forest area. After staying in the forest for a few weeks, he hunted two buffaloes. A few days later, the pilot returned to retrieve them.

After seeing their hunting trophies, the pilot said, “The aircraft will not be able to carry more than one buffalo. You will have to leave one of them.

But last year the pilot agreed to take on board two buffalos the same size as these: the hunter protested. The pilot thought about it and said: Ok If it worked the last year, it should work this time too.

The plane tried to take off with two passengers and two buffalos on board, but it was not able to reach the required height.

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Then the plane crashed into the nearest hill. After getting out of the plane wreck the hunter looked around. One of them said to another. Where do you think we are? His friend examined the surroundings and answered: I think we are two miles south from the plane that we crashed the last time.

2. The Gambler

One married couple went to visit their friends at the other end of the country. Their friends took them to the see horse races.

Fascinated by overlooking the horses raced around the racecourse, the husband and wife were playing sweepstakes all evening, while only two dollars have left in their pocket.

The next day the husband said that he would go to the race alone. In the first race, he put two dollars on the outsider, and the horse came to the finish first. Then he got the money to win, he put all the money in the next race and then won.

That day, he was very lucky; his winning has reached fifty-seven thousand dollars in the evening. On the way home, he saw a gambling house.

A voice comes from the gambling house telling him what kind of horse he needs to put his money on and says “come in and play”. He went in and started playing roulette.

Then the voice said: Number thirteen. He put all his fifty-seven thousand dollars into the number thirteen. When the roulette stopped, the dealer announced: Number fourteen. Also read Funny bedtime stories for kids.

He lost all his money and returned home with an empty pocket. His wife asked him as soon as he came home: How did you play? Her husband shrugs his shoulders: “I’ve lost two dollars” she said.

3. Smith and his teacher

The Teacher said to all students “Today we shall learn the basics of letter writing.” “But sir, I learned how to write letters when I was in the first standard.

Here I will show you,” Smith said. He then shows his teacher the alphabet letters. Seeing this the teacher got angry and said stupid! Not those alphabet letters. I mean writing letters to actual people to tell them about your life.

Smith said “But, sir. Why do we need letters to do that? We have Facebook!

The teacher said “you stupid keep quiet.

The teacher said “Open your notebook and write a letter to your mother about what you did in the holiday.

Smith said “But sir. I live with my grandmother she already knows what I did in the holidays.

 The teacher said “Okay! Then write to your aunt telling her about your new bicycle. Smith becomes very happy and said “I am getting a new bicycle. What a great surprise. How do you know, sir?”

The teacher said “No Smith, you are not getting a new bicycle.

 Smith said, “Then how can I lie to my aunt in the letter?”

The teacher said “Then just writing a letter to anybody you need to talk to! Then the last bell of the school rings.

The teacher said “Everybody, write a letter as homework and bring it tomorrow. The next day the teacher would say that everyone must have done their homework. He asked Smith to read his letter.

Smith reads his letter “Dear sir, I am writing you this letter to ask if I can write a letter to my cousin in the tinkle town. The teacher shouts loudly, stop your crap!

4.The Foolish Boy

Once upon a time there was a foolish boy named Danny. He was careless and never paid attention to his work. 

One day Mr. Tim was getting his house painted. When Danny arrived at their house, he was intrigued. “Why are you getting your house painted Mr. Tim?” asked Danny as he watched. 

“Because I want to make my house look beautiful.” Replied Mr. Tim and Danny continued with his day. 

A few days went by and Mr. Tim had to attend an important event. As Danny was around, he asked him to dress up his youngest son. “I want him to look prim, proper and beautiful” Mr. Tim smiled. 

Now Danny was such a foolish boy, he did not consider his actions carefully. He just went and put paint all over the little boy, because Mr. Tim had said paint was making the house beautiful. This made Mr. Tim very angry.  

Another day came when Mr. Steve asked Danny to run an errand for him and drop off some letters into the mail box. Danny went off early during the day, but returned in the evening with the letters still in his hand. Mr. Steve was very confused, and asked Danny why he still had the letters. 

“When I went to the letter box, it was locked. I kept trying and trying to open it but I could not.”  

How foolish, thought Mr. Steve. Now both Tim and Steve were cross with him. 

A few days went by again, and Mr. Tim gave Danny a bottle of shampoo. Danny left it on his study table, but when he was about to go into the shower, he accidentally grabbed a bottle of glue and went in, without paying any attention. 

When he came out of the shower and looked at himself in the mirror and he was shocked.  Danny began to cry seeing his hair all messed up. 

When Mr. Tim came to see why Danny was crying, he began to laugh hard. Danny’s foolishness had cost him heavy this time, and he had to get his head shaved. 

He was so devastated that he promised himself to be more careful. 

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