Short Funny Story For Kids


Once a cap seller was going to sell the caps in a village market. He was going through a forest. He was carrying a basket of red caps on his head. He got tired in the heat of the sun and thought of lying down under a tree for some time. He put his basket on the ground.

He was very tired and want to take a small nap. There were monkeys on that tree. They came down and one by one took all the caps from the cap seller’s basket. Then they climbed on the tree. When the cap seller woke up. he was shocked to see his basket empty.

He searched for his caps everywhere. To his surprise, he saw the monkeys were wearing them. He found that the monkeys were imitating him. So, he started throwing his cap down and the monkeys did so then the cap seller collected all the caps, put them back in his basket, and went away happily.


Sheikh Chilli was a simpleton. He lived in a small village on the banks of river Panjam. His house was a favorite meeting place of all the animals and children of that village. He treated both man and animal with the same respect and kindness. Once a limping dog entered his house.

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Sheikh Chilli treated him in the same manner as he would treat his friend. He asked the dog to sit down got him a bowl full of milk and then tried to examine his injured leg. The dog felt so uncomfortable with Sheikh Chilli’s hospitality that he quickly ran away. Poor Sheikh Chilli!

He had only wanted to be kind and hospitable! There is another incident that goes like this. One day Sheikh Chilli went to bathe in the river. He put all his clothes in a neat pile on the bank of the river and gingerly put his legs in the water.

Immediately, he felt that his neck was getting wet. Sheikh Chilli was puzzled. How could the water move from my feet to my neck so quickly? I have not even entered the river fully. He pulled his legs out of the water. Five minutes later, he put his legs back in the water to see if the magic would repeat.

Oh Yes! He felt the wetness on his neck again. He was impressed by the swift action of the water on his body. He jumped into the river extremely excited had quickly bath. That evening he narrated the entire incident to his friend. His friend smiled and remarked, “I saw Tommy the dog licking your neck when you sat there with your legs in the water.” Poor Sheikh Chilli he was so naive!

Every Thursday, Sheikh Chilli went to the market to buy vegetables and fruits. The market was quite far off, and the villagers had to pass through a thick forest. They always traveled in groups and avoided returning late from the market.

One day Sheikh Chilli got delayed and had to return alone. All the other people of his village had left early. Halfway into the forest, his friend mangu ram remembered that when left alone. Sheikh Chilli almost certainly landed himself in some trouble.

Concerned for his friend, he immediately rushed back to look for Sheikh Chilli. After walking back for nearly half a kilometer. He saw his friend sitting in front of a fierce-looking bear talking to it and feeding it carrots and other vegetables from his basket.

The animal had a puzzled expression on his face. Perhaps it was wondering how to attack someone who was so nice and polite to him! There came a time in Sheikh Chilli’s life when he had no work and no money to buy things for himself. He often borrowed from his friends. Finally, even his friends stopped lending him money or giving him things.


There was once a tiny little mouse who was so terrified of being trampled and squished by all the other animals in the forest that he always hid in the bushes. It was almost as if they enjoyed scaring him or threatening him.  

One day as the mouse was wandering around during the night, a strong wind began to blow. Suddenly, a white cloth came flying with the wind and landed over the mouse. As he began to shuffle around, an idea came to his mind.  

He should pretend to be a vicious ghost. And that is what he did. During the night he would keep on the white cloth over his body and loom around the forest till some animals spotted him. They were instantly petrified. Soon word began to spread and all the animals found out that there was a ghost which lived on the dark path in the forest. 

The mouse was pretty happy. Now he did not have to fear being trampled by the animals and could live in peace since none of them were brave enough to cross the path where a ghost had been spotted, and if they did, the mouse would chase them away. 

One day, as seasons changed, a lot of animals had to migrate and had to go down the path where the ghost lived. 

“Oh boy, oh boy, I hope the ghost isn’t around today” whispered one of them. 

But as soon as they began to walk down that path, the mouse appeared and began to chase them out. But suddenly a gush of wind blew and the white cloth flew off the teeny tiny mouse and he was exposed. 

The animals were so angry that they chased him out of the forest and he was never allowed to come back.


Once upon a time, there was a foolish boy named Danny. He was careless and never paid attention to his work. 

One day Mr. Tim was getting his house painted. When Danny arrived at their house, he was intrigued. “Why are you getting your house painted Mr. Tim?” asked Danny as he watched. “Because I want to make my house look beautiful.” Replied Mr. Tim and Danny continued with his day. 

A few days went by and Mr. Tim had to attend an important event. As Danny was around, he asked him to dress up his youngest son. “I want him to look prim, proper, and beautiful” Mr. Tim smiled. 

Now Danny was such a foolish boy, he did not consider his actions carefully. He just went and put paint all over the little boy, because Mr. Tim had said paint was making the house beautiful. This made Mr. Tim very angry.  

Another day came when Mr. Steve asked Danny to run an errand for him and drop off some letters into the mailbox. Danny went off early during the day, but returned in the evening with the letters still in his hand. Mr. Steve was very confused and asked Danny why he still had the letters. 

“When I went to the letterbox, it was locked. I kept trying and trying to open it but I could not.”  

How foolish, thought Mr. Steve. Now both Tim and Steve were cross with him. 

A few days went by again, and Mr. Tim gave Danny a bottle of shampoo. Danny left it on his study table, but when he was about to go into the shower, he accidentally grabbed a bottle of glue and went in, without paying any attention. 

When he came out of the shower and looked at himself in the mirror and he was shocked.  Danny began to cry seeing his hair all messed up. 

When Mr. Tim came to see why Danny was crying, he began to laugh hard. Danny’s foolishness had cost him heavy this time, and he had to get his head shaved. 

He was so devastated that he promised himself to be more careful. 


Once upon a time, there lived a couple, who was happily married and had a pet cat. For some odd reason, the man absolutely hated the cat. There was no day he did not wish to get rid of the cat. 

One day he finally made a plan to get rid of it. He snuck the cat into a sack and drove far away from their house. “I will drop him twenty blocks away, and he will never come back” laughed the man and stopped twenty blocks away from their home. 

He left the cat there and as he was making his way back, he noticed that the cat was roaming around outside their house. He was so shocked and angry. “How can he be back here!?” he exclaimed. 

A couple of days went by and he came up with another plan. “This time I will drop him forty blocks away, and he will never return,” he thought to himself. He put the cat in a sack and dropped it off forty blocks away from their house. When he returned, the cat was already in its spot. The man was raging now. He stomped his feet and grew red with anger. How was this possible? 

He came up with one last plan to get rid of the cat. He put her in a sack and drove as far as he could. He took lefts and rights and turns as we went on and on. When he finally arrived as far as he could from their home, he reached for the sack, but it was empty! 

He dialed his wife’s number and as she picked up, he asked, “Hey honey, is the cat home?”. 

“Yes, it is” she replied. 

“Can you give it the phone; I need to ask it for directions to get back home” replied the man. 

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