Short Romantic Bedtime Stories

I have written short romantic bedtime stories. It’s all a short and interesting Romantic bedtime story for adults. These are bedtime stories for girlfriend. In this article, the story of TRUE LOVE, STRANGE LOVE, MISS BALLERINA, ULTIMATE LOVE, WORTHY RELATIONSHIP, LOVE IS BLIND.


One day two students from Catholic Church asked their teacher why she has become a nun and never married, then their teacher told them her love story. Back in the time when she was young and beautiful, she falls in love with a boy in her class. She was attractive and charming. One day the handsome and rich boy of her class proposed to her, and they both fell for each other and wanted to get married. But the boy’s parents were arrogant and didn’t want their son to be married to a poor girl and wish to send their son abroad for higher studies. But the boy has another plan. You might also like a short story for kids with pictures.

Since he fell in love with the girl, therefore, he decided to separate from his family so that they both happily live together. However, fate never wants them to be together. The boy was diagnosed with lung cancer, and he could live for two months. So, they both decided to live together happily, until death separates them.

A girl dedicated her life to her only man, so she never married again and is still living alone with the memories of that boy. Her love story inspired all of her young students a lot.


She agrees because she wanted to save the life of her brother, who was fighting cancer and needed a good amount to pay for his treatment. It was tough for her to involve physically with the man who is in his 40s, but she had to do it, to save her brother’s life. She was extremely nervous, but she did that. The man has a nice built and was very handsome. He had fallen in love with that girl for a long time.

Suddenly, she receives a call from the hospital that her brother is dead, and she just ran after canceling the contract. After some months, she finds that she was pregnant. She wanted to drop her pregnancy, but soon after, some agents of billionaires found it that she wanted to lose his baby.

The man ran to the hospital to save the love of her life. He confessed his love and proposed her to marry, but by then, she was done with the abortion. Still, the billionaire wants her to be in his life. The girl recognized his true feelings for herself and agreed.


A young and cute ballerina dance so beautifully that most people love to see her dance. But only one guy was standing in the crowd, who admire her apart from her dancing. He was the one who wants to support her in all her problems. He was a poor boy. He cleans the place where she practices daily.

He has no courage to go to her and confess his feelings. He only stares at her and admires her from his core. But nature wanted them to be together, one day while practicing Ballerina fell on the ground, and her foot was nearly broken. She was not allowed to dance or even walk. Laying on her bed and eating junk food all day, made her gain massive weight.

She was eating out of depression, and she lost all her admirers on such bad days. On the other side, the boy was finding her, and as soon as he found her in bad condition. He decided to take care of her. By the time of her recovery, she also found that she loves him too. After her recovery, both happily married and now living together.

Ultimate Love

A girl and boy were good friends but she was more than a friend to him. Both know each other’s likes very well. The boy tried to confess his feeling to her but failed every time. Because he was afraid that he would not break the friendship after hearing this. One day, the boy gathered courage and made a firm decision to tell her about his feelings.

The next day, They went for a long drive And remembered his school days and talking a lot. Before the boy could confess his feelings, suddenly the girl said that she wanted to share something with him. The boy started thinking that what is the matter that he has to say now. She mentioned that she was in love with a guy who did not love her back. She told him that she wanted to be with him at any cost. The boy showed a false smile and said that it is good to hear that. You might also like The Bird And The Bee Short Story.

The boy promised to help her win the guy. Suddenly, the boy lost control over his car and it banged into a tree. Seeing this, the girl understood that he did not like this thing. The girl picked him up and said that the boy I love is none other than you. Hearing this, the boy hugged her and said that we will get married soon.

Worthy Relationship

One day the husband returned home from the office with a rose flower for his wife. After that, he started bringing roses every day. The daughter laughs and asks what is the special thing that you bring roses for mother every day. The man replies that all his colleagues complain of misbehavior from their partners. They are unhappy with their rude behavior and dishonesty.

Hearing all this he felt grateful for being a loving wife. They always stand together in every trouble and face it together. He is such a caring and dedicated partner. He feels fortunate to have a genuine and trustworthy partner to share his feelings and emotions. He feels blessed to enjoy a blissful married life with his mother.

It’s the most worthy relationship for him as his wife has always made him happy no matter what the situation.

Love is Blind

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was blind. She was very much in love with a boy who took care of her all the time, stayed with her all the time, and did not let her feel any trouble.

She fell in love with the way he took care of him. The boy loved her equally. But both were afraid to tell each other. Once, she told the boy that she wanted to see him because he was very nice and caring. The boy said that You will definitely see me one day.. The boy promised her that he would get her eye surgery done.

One day, without informing the girl, the boy donated one of his eyes to the girl so that she could see the beauty of this world. The girl was overwhelmed to see that even such a caring and loving boy is blind in one eye. The girl did not know that the eye with which she is looking at this world is that of her boy.

The boy’s look was not very good. He was not as beautiful as the girl was beautiful.

In short, he wasn’t the perfect match, but the girl still decided to be with him and marry only with her. Without knowing that he has donated his own eye to the girl so that she could enjoy the blindsight of love.

In true love, neither the color of the face, nor the caste, nor the religion is seen. The partner should be loving and supportive in every problem.

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