Short Story About A Dog And His Master

In this article, I have written Short Stories About A Dog And His Master. You will read about the loyalty and love of a dog that lays down its life waiting for its owner.

Faithful Dog

Once upon a time, there was a famous professor in New York City. Whose name was James Smith? He was a very intelligent person. Due to his talent and understanding, he used to get many gifts from people. Some of them also gave him a dog as a gift, which was very beautiful and intelligent. He was very happy to get it because he loved animals very much. Mr. Smith named the dog Tom.

Mr. Smith would take her on a morning walk daily and feed her with his hands in the morning and evening. When tom was big enough, he would accompany Professor James to the central train station. Mr. Smith caught the train to his workplace and Tom return Home. But in the evening when he alighted from his train. Mr. Smith was astounded to find Tom at the station ready to greet him. Mr. Smith felt that Tom had been sitting here the whole day and waiting for me.

When Mr. Smith arrived home with Tom, he asked his wife if Tom had returned home. His wife said yes, I saw him till an hour ago. Then did he leave just to receive me at the station?

Mr. Smith: No How could he?

Mrs. Smith: It’s as if he knew how to tell the time. You know they say that Akita dogs are highly intelligent. They not only can feel emotions. They also have the power of sixth sense and predict if an unfortunate situation is to arise.

Mr. Smith: Don’t know about them all but my tom is definitely very intelligent. You might also like Frozen Story To Read

Tom continued to accompany Mr smith to the station every morning and when evening came, he would leave the house just before the arrival of his master’s train. Whether in heavy and thundering rain or blistering snow. He would never miss a day. In this way, Tom continued to attract many people to him and his stoic unyielding faithfulness always melted people’s hearts.

Like the rest of the day, Mr. Smith was leaving home for his work, when suddenly Tom grabbed Mr. Smith’s pants with his teeth and began to pull. Mr. Smith did not understand Tom and tied him with a rope and went to work. While working, Mr. Smith suffered a heart attack and died. Tom somehow freed himself from the rope and went to the central train station.

Tom sat there all night waiting for his master, but this time his master was never going to come back. Tom did not eat anything waiting for his master, which made him very weak. Then after a few days, Tom died. The station staff, seeing Tom’s loyalty and honesty, made him a statue of Tom and also printed an article about him in the paper so that everyone would know about Tom’s loyalty.

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