Inspirational Christmas Story:

This is a short story on Christmas with a moral message. A long time ago, a day before Christmas, this place was covered with snow. There were two boys who were looking at the Christmas tree inside the window. They were wearing old clothes and they looked sad.

The younger brother said to the elder brother “We are poor so Santa Claus does not come to our house. Will Santa Claus not come to our house like every year”.

After listening to the younger brother, the elder hugged his brother tightly and said, “No, this year Santa will definitely come to our house. Let us go home and pray to God.”

Hearing this the younger brother smiled but his elder brother’s eyes filled with tears. After that, they went to their home. The younger brother was very happy because Santa was coming to his house. Also read The Sweet Smell Of Christmas Story.

Stephen was feeling very sad after hearing all these things of elder and younger brother. Stephen went to his house and started thinking that how can I make this year’s Christmas better for those two brothers, how can I help them.

He ran to the market and bought some clothes and toys. Coming home, put him in Christmas stocking, and wait for the night to come. As soon as the clock strikes 12, Stephen leaves the house with presents.

There the younger brother goes to the fireplace of his house to find the gift given by Santa Claus. But there he did not get any gift. He starts going to his room sadly when Stephen knocks on the door and hides behind the wall.

Stephen put all the presents in Christmas stoking and placed them in front of the door. Seeing all those gifts, he called his elder brother. Both were very happy seeing the gift and hugged each other.

They took all the gifts inside the house with enthusiasm. The younger brother told his father, “This Christmas was the best Christmas I ever had.” Seeing those two brothers happy, Stephen became very happy.

Stephen said to himself that there is more happiness in making others happy.


The best gift we give to this world is Joy and Happiness.

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