Short Story About Friendship With Moral

Short Story on Adventure Trip
Short Story on Adventure Trip

A short story about friendship with moral this is an amazing story in which you will read the story of a deceitful friend who refuses to help his friend in bad times.

Bear and Two Friends

Once upon a time, two friends Rohit and Mohan had to go through the forest to the city. It was a dangerous forest in which very dangerous wild animals lived. Lions, snakes, bears, and even poisonous insects lived in the forest.

As soon as the two friends entered the forest. They were gripped by the fear of what would happen next.

“I am so scared. I wish we didn’t have to go through this forest” Rohit said.

“I agree with you. But we have no choice. We must cross the forest to get to the other village.” Mohan said.

“What if we get into trouble?” Rohit said.

“Let’s promise that if any of us gets into trouble the other will not run away. He will stay and help the one who is in trouble.” Mohan said. 

“Yes, I promise my friends. I won’t leave you alone if you are in trouble.” Rohit said. You might also like Moral Stories For 10-Year-Olds.

In this way, both of them made a promise to each other which reduced their fear. After walking in the forest for some time, both of them got very tired.

Then he started resting under a tree. After some time both the friends heard the sound of rustle from the bushes in front of them. Both stood up in fear. Then a big and black figure appeared in front of him.

It was a wild bear which looked very big and dangerous. Seeing the bear, both were very scared. Rohit said to Mohan, “It hasn’t seen us yet, run away.” Rohit ran and climbed a tall tree and sat on one of its branches.

But Mohan did not know how to climb a tree. “My friend! I don’t know how to climb a tree. Please help me climb it.” Mohan said to Rohit. But Rohit did not help her.

 He shook his head and grabbed hold of the tree branch. Then Mohan saw the bear coming to him and immediately lay down on the spot.

He had heard that bears do not attack dead things, so he lay down on the ground. He closed his eyes and lay down holding his breath. The bear came close to him.

The bear came close to his head and smelled his ear and saw if the boy was breathing. But the boy held his breath. Thinking he was dead; the bear left the boy and ran away from him. After the bear left, Rohit came down from the tree and asked are you fine.

“I saw the bear come close to your ear and whisper something. What did it say to you?” Rohit asked Mohan. Mohan smiled and said, ” It told me to be wary of a false friend and not keep such company.”

MORAL: A true friend is the one who helps us in bad times.

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