Short Story About Kindness

  • a short story about kindness for primary school and kids
Short Story About Kindness:

It was a calm and ordinary day at the police department. Officer James and his partner John were about to have their lunch. That’s when they received an unusual call. An elderly lady said on the phone “Hello, I don’t know if it’s the right number. I don’t know who else to call.

But I’m really hungry.”  In 20 years of James’s career. He had never received a call like this. James looked at John and replied with a calm voice. “We will be there in 10 minutes Mam! Kindly share your address with us.” James said. Even though John was a bit hesitant about reaching out to the caller.

As he thought it was some kind of joke. James knew something was unusual. He went to the address with John immediately. When the two officers reached the place. They were shocked. It was a very old apartment. It was so dirty that anyone could tell that the resident was poor.  

As if no one had cleaned it for years. James found a 75-year-old lady sitting alone in a chair. The lady was wearing old dirty clothes. There was a bandage on one hand. James approached the lady and asked her about her issue. The old lady said “I had broken my arm a few weeks back.

I thought I could still cook by myself. But the pain has grown for days. It has been a couple of days that I still haven’t eaten. And I don’t have enough money to hire a cook or buy any groceries. My Son stopped sending money for the last few months. I had no one to call or ask for help. That’s why I called the police. I don’t know what to do.” James was touched by the old lady’s situation. He opened the fridge to check for groceries.

There were some items in the fridge but not enough to cook a full meal for the lady. That’s when James did the unexpected. He told John to stay with the old lady and look after her. While James went to the supermarket to buy groceries. James brought groceries that were enough to last for a week or so.

Then he started cooking the meal for the old lady. James cooked some rice with some curries. The two officers sat with the lady and had their food. James spoon-fed the old lady as her hand was in bad condition. After the lady was full, James and John took her to the nearest hospital.

The lady needed surgery on her hand. It was costly surgery. James and John didn’t have that much money. Then happened something that shocked the whole hospital. James called all the police officers and told them about the sad story of the lady.

Every single officer of the department donated something for the lady. With everyone’s help, it was possible to get the surgery done! This story was shared by the local newspapers and many social media pages. The police officers were applauded for their acts of kindness.

The story became so popular that people started donating to the lady online. Now the old lady is healthy and living life in peace due to the help of the people.

“Thanks to the officers and the strangers who stepped in for me.” Old Lady said. An incident like this makes us believe that there’s still humanity left in people. This story is based on a true incident that happened in Florence, Italy.

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