Short Story About Two Best Friends

This is a short story about two best friends. In this story, you will read about the good friendship between James and William. Seeing their friendship and love, people loved them very much. They never left each other alone in difficult times. They never left each other alone in difficult times and never broke friendship. It is the best friendship story.

Short Story About Two Best Friends

James and William were a never-ending and unreliable friendship. They were neighbor studied together and play together. Almost all their hobbies were similar and both knew each other’s preferences. They were friends from when they learned to walk and talk gibberish.

They trusted each other to the core and swore not to leave the other’s side. When they were kids, they spent most of their time with each other, and while Adolescence, they had other friends but still never left each other alone. Once, while they were studied in class 10, they were playing football. It was only the two of them because the others were playing baseball.  

William had kicked the ball with such a dang force that it went straight for the principal room. They immediately went to his office to apologize for his mistake. The principal asked him who hit the ball, who is the culprit. Before William could say anything, James prompted “sir, it was my fault. I didn’t catch the ball. I’m sorry”

William wasn’t going to give her friend up so she said, “No sir, James could not catch the ball because I did not hit the ball properly. They kept backing each other, and finally, the principal himself calmed down and said “you two are so much a good pair of friends that you refuse to put the blame on the other. How can I punish such a pair of good friends? Go on, enjoy playing.” You might also like Short Story About Friendship With Moral.

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They shuffled gladly out of the office and William thanked James profusely. Time passed by, and they both finished their school life. In this span of two years, James got a girlfriend. William was so happy for him but their happiness was short-lived as James’s girlfriend got frustrated seeing him always with James and finally one day, asked him to choose between her and William.

James said, “William has been my best friend for more than a decade now and I cannot leave her friends for an unsteady relationship”. Finally, they broke up.

After two years, the course was completed and they decided to opt to work as partners in Software Engineering. They always vowed to be together because their parents were dead by now. They submitted their applications to a software company and state their line of interest.

A few days later, the chairman of the software company called him for an interview. The chairman requested James to wait outside and asked William “Can you leave your friend and join here? I’ll pay you double.” But William refused and said that she wouldn’t leave her friend at any cost. When William went outside, he called James in and asked the same question and got a similar answer.

He was very happy to see such a good friendship between the two. Then he called both of them inside and said “to become partners in something so trivial needs harmony between the duo. I see it in you. You are appointed.” Time passed, and he became an accomplished senior artist. They were present in every project and used to complete all the big projects together.

He became quite famous in his field. They never thought anything about getting married. Then one Sunday, they decided to go see a movie. They were going to sit on James’s bike. On the way, she almost misses out with a man in a hoodie. The man was also on a bike and they collided with each other at a sharp turn. William spilled too far from the bike. William’s head and legs were bleeding profusely.

He was immediately taken to the operation theatre and his operation was started at the earliest. James used to tell himself that this would not have happened if I rode the bike comfortably. Because of my mistake, William is very hurt. And immediately started crying. After nearly two hours, the doctor came out and said, “He is fine now, he is out of danger. You can leave now and come tomorrow morning”.

But James refused to budge from her side. The doctor asked again “Are you the patient’s brother?” James said, “no sir, we are best friends”. James stayed with William all night and waited for him to get up. The next morning, William woke up. James asked her “Are you okay now. “I was so terrified to see you in this critical condition.” James said. William told James that our friendship can never be broken. Nothing can happen to me as long as you are with me. The next day William was discharged. After this incident, James started taking good care of William.

After Two Years, both got married and took flats in the same building. And after that, the family of James and William started living happily and always supported each other in trouble.

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