Short Story For Kids With Pictures

I have written a short story for kids with pictures. This is all a short and interesting story. In which I have written the story of WATER FEAR, THE THIRSTY CROW, UNITY IS STRENGTH, THE MOUSE AND THE LION & THE MONKEY AND THE CROCODILE.


Once upon a time, a boy whose name was John lived in a small town. He was just 3 or 4 years old when his father took him to California beach. John and his father stood together on the serf yet the wave knocked him down and swept over him. He was buried in water. His breath was gone and he was frightened.

Since then He had been afraid of water. Many years after that incident, he stayed away from water but the desire to go fishing and swimming in nature was strong enough to motivate him to overcome his fear. You might also like Short Romantic Bedtime Stories

He learned swimming with the help of an instructor who ensured that John knew swimming well enough to be able to swim in huge lakes and waterfalls also. Still, when he would swim, the fear from his childhood experiences, embedded in his subconscious mind would grip him over and over again. But finally, John overcome his fear and became a great swimmer.


One day the thirsty crow kept searching for water when he could not find water, and he had tired and sat on the tree, then he saw a pot behind the tree, there was water on it. When he puts his beak in the pot to drink water, his beak does not reach the water.

Then he tried to tilt the pot, but the pot was too heavy. When he looked around, he saw some pebble, then he had one good idea in his mind. He poured stones in the pot one by one and the water of the pot kept increasing. He poured stones until the crow’s beak reached the water.

When the water level reached a high level in the pot, the crow drank water and flew into the sky.


In one small village, the old mother and her three sons lived. Mother’s health was always poor, so she could not do household work. All their three sons were handicapped, the first son was blind, the second son was dumb and the third son was deaf.

Due to being disabled, they could not help their mother. Even people did not help them because they belong to the lower cast. All three got involved in their different work. Due to the handicap of their three sons, they could not do any work easily.

They were not successful in any work. Seeing their hard work and dedication in the work. Their mother suggested that if you three brothers should always be together, you will find all the tasks easy and you will get success in every work. In the same way, it is always easy to break the sticks one by one but when they are bundled together, none of you could break them.

From that day onwards, they started helping each other and together they made the barren land fertile and cultivated it and gave evidence of their unity.


Once upon a time, there lived a lion who ruled the whole forest. One day after eating his tasty meal the lion fell asleep under a tree. A little mouse saw him and thought it would be fun to play on it.

He began running up and down the sleeping lion he ran up the tail and sweep down the tail. The lion woke up angrily with a loud roar. He grabbed the mouse with his huge paw. The mouse struggled but he could not escape the lion opened his big jaws to swallow him. The mouse was very scared.

Mouse said that “oh king! I am very scared”. Please don’t eat me. Forgive me this time. Please let me go. I shall never forget it and maybe one day I can help you. The lion was so amused by the idea of the mouse being able to help him that he lifted up his paw and let him go.

Mouse said that” thank you, king. I will never forget your kindness”. Lion said to the mouse that “you are lucky my friend that I haven’t eaten you. Now go but don’t mess with me again. I will make a meal for you. A few days later the lion was roaming the jungle. Hunter set a trap to catch the lion.

The hunter hides behind the tree and waited for the lion to arrive, as soon as the lion puts its foot into the trap, the hunter pulls the rope. The lion falls into their trap the lion started to roar loudly and tried to escape. But hunter fastened the net.

They went back to the village to bring a cart to transport the lion. The lion was still roaring loudly. The mouse heard the roar. He soon reached the lion.

He climbed up the trap and used his sharp little teeth to bite the ropes. Finally, he freed the lion from the trap. The lion realized that even a little mouse can be a great help. Mouse and the lion became very good friends.

After a while, the hunter came back with a big cart to carry the lion. The lion and mouse saw them and started running them. The lion gave a big roar. The hunter is terrified and ran away back to the village.


Once upon a time in the middle of a dense forest. There was a mighty river. An old crocodile lived in that river.

The crocodile was very weak and unable to hunt. When he tried to catch fish. The fish slipped from his hand. He tired and decided to rest under a tree at the riverside. The monkey was sitting on the branch of the tree eating barriers.

The crocodile saw the monkey and asked oh! dear monkey what are you eating. Could you give me some of that, please? I am very hungry. The monkey said that these are berries they are very sweet. The monkey gives some Berries crocodiles to eat.

Crocodile eats Berries and says that you are very kind. If I were a friend like you, I would be grateful. The monkey said yes why not. now we are friends. You can always come here whenever you feel hungry. I will give you the best berries I can find. After that, crocodiles would come to the tree every day.

The crocodile told the monkey that I would like my wife to get some of these berries. Can you give me some sweet berries? I’ll take them home. The monkey happily plucked some berries and gave them to the crocodile.

And the crocodile took him to his wife who lived on the other side of the river. The crocodile’s wife said that it is very sweet berries and how sweet will be the heart of a monkey who is eating this Barry daily.

The crocodile’s wife told the crocodile that I have not tasted meat for a long time.  So, you go and get her heart. upon hearing this the crocodile started thinking deeply and said to his wife. how can I do this? the monkey is my friend. I can’t betray his trust.

I give you heart, he will die. he fed me when I was hungry. and now you want me to kill him? crocodile wife said that I just want that monkey heart. go and get it for me otherwise, I will kill myself. After listening to his wife, the poor crocodile felt helpless.

Sadly, he went to the monkey. To convince him and bring him home to his wife. The crocodile said to the monkey that my wife is so happy with the berries that she is called you home for lunch. The monkey agreed to go with the crocodile.

Seeing the monkey happiness, the crocodile thought that he should tell everything about his wife’s intentions. The crocodile said that my wife wants to eat your heart in lunch. If she doesn’t eat your heart. she will die. As soon as he heard the crocodile he instantly thought of an idea.

The monkey was very smart. The monkey said to the crocodile that my friend why didn’t you tell me earlier we are monkeys keep our heart safely on the tree now we will have to go back to the tree to get my heart to take me back to the tree.

okay, let’s go back and get your heart. The crocodile got the monkey back to the tree as soon as the monkey reached the tree, he quickly jumped from the crocodile back and climb into the tree and said to the crocodile you stupid crocodile can anyone keep their heart out and stay alive.

I helped you as a friend and give you so much food to eat and this is what you return. You are a traitor! now you will neither get my heart nor berries. Go away. The Monkey used his intelligence and cleverness to save his life and the crocodile because of his stupidity lost both great friends and sweet berries.

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