Short Story On Adventure Trip

Short Story On Adventure Trip

This is an amazing and interesting story. This is a short adventurous story. Once upon a time there lived four best friends in New York City. Their names were John, James, David, and Sophia. They were all getting very bored as their summer vacation had started. John said there is nothing to play and work this summer vacation is very boring. So why don’t we go for a walk in the park? “So why don’t we go for a walk in the park? James said.

“No, that’s a boring idea. Guys, shall we all go to the woods tomorrow, which will be a very adventurous trip.” Sophia said.  “it’s a great idea. I love adventure. ” James said. “I also love an adventure,” David said. “Tomorrow morning, we will go to the cold wolf forest. Go pack your bags and have a good sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a big day.” Sofia said.

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The next morning everyone kept some food and water. Also kept some other essential items. Putting the tent items in the car and they all went towards the forest. The next morning everyone kept some food and water. Also kept some other essential items. Keeping the tent items in the car, they all started towards the forest.

They went to the forest and saw the beauty of nature. The forest was very beautiful. Seeing the beauty of the forest and hearing the sound of birds, they started going inside the forest. When they reached the middle of the forest, John saw a big hole in a tree and then told his friend.

When they all reach near that hole, John says that if we want to make our trip even more adventurous, then we should go inside this hole. Everyone agreed to him and one by one they jumped into the hole.

After jumping into that hole, they find themselves in a different forest. In which there were very big trees, animals and birds. Seeing this, all four got very scared and ran back towards the hole. But that hole had disappeared from there.

Then everyone started shouting out loud, help us! help us! Hearing the shouting, suddenly a huge wolf ran towards them. To escape the wolf, they hid in a huge stone crevice. The wolf tried hard to get them out but he failed and left from there.

They sat there, ate something, and drank water, and waited for the wolf to leave. After some time, the wolf left from there. After the wolf left, they went out into the forest to find a way to the city. It was evening while searching a way and they were very tired. So they set a tent under a huge tree and decided to take a rest here. The next morning, he continued his journey again.

As they went into the depths of the forest, it was getting colder and strange sounds were coming. Then suddenly a bird attacked them. The bird grabbed them in its claws and flew away. To get rid of the bird’s claws, David took a sharp object out of his bag and hit it in the bird’s claw.

The bird released everyone and they all fell into a lake below. They all came to one shore after being swept away by the waters of the lake. After some time when everyone regains consciousness, everyone is surprised to see themselves alive.

Then suddenly Sophia sees the tree which had a huge hole. Sophia told friends that I have found the tree due to which we came to this forest. “All run towards that tree before any other animal attacks us,” Sophia said. Everyone ran towards that tree and jumped into that hole one by one. At last, they return to the cold wolf forest.

All four were very happy to see the cold wolf forest. Everyone put their bags in the car and headed towards the city. After coming to the city, he told his friends about his adventure in the jungle. His friends could not believe his adventure. The four friends did not forget their adventurous journey.

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