Stories About Kindness For Kids

I have written a Stories About Kindness For Kids. This is a compassionate story. In this story how Mr. Jackson helps the Davis family even in such a difficult situation.


Once upon a time, In a little town in America. There was an old lady called Mrs. Jackson. She was a kind woman and although poor never grumbled about the life she led. Mr. Jackson worked in a city far away and couldn’t come home to visit his wife so easily. He worked hard to earn for both of them. One day a messenger came and brought Mrs. Jackson a letter from her husband.

He went inside and read the letter. It was written in the letter that I am coming home soon and seeing my hard work, my salary has doubled. This is very good news especially when there is no ration left in the house. Mrs. Jackson began to wait for Mr. Jackson’s arrival. One day thought of bringing some fruits for her husband at home.

When she went out and saw, all the fruits were spoiled. Miss Jackson spent a few days at home with the leftover fruits. But many fruits were spoiled. He had nothing to eat except fruit. Mr. Jackson had reached the city and was happily going home thinking about his wife. On the way, he saw a woman crying on the side of the road.

She was Miss Davis. Mr. Jackson knew him. Mr. Jackson asked Mrs. Davis why are you sitting here and why are you crying. Miss Davis said, “I am crying because I have no money.” For a few days, we did not even eat food and did not even pay the rent of the house. The landlord will drive me and my daughter out of the house.

Mrs. Davis’s husband also works in the same city where Mr. Jackson works. Mr. Jackson gave all his salary to Mrs. Davis and said that your husband has sent this money for you. Mrs. Davis was overjoyed and Mr. Jackson was also very happy to see her happy. Mrs. Davis was overjoyed and Mr. Jackson was also very happy to see her happy. 

Then Miss Davis went back to her home with the money. As he went in his wife screamed in surprise and run to hug him. Mr. Jackson looked at his wife and realized she looked a bit weak. He asked her what had happened. She explained the whole situation of the home. There is nothing left, except for a small handful of rice. He said that you had written in the letter that you have got double the salary. Is it true Mr. Jackson said that it is true? So, I do not have any worries anymore. We will go and bring all the ration items today. Hearing this, Mr. Jackson became very sad and said that I gave all the money to Mrs. Davis and told the whole story. Mr. Jackson said that I’m sorry my love but I didn’t leave him crying on the way.

Miss Jackson says it’s okay dear. I know that what you do is right. I will make rice porridge for us tonight. We will think about everything tomorrow, now what to do next. That same night, Mr. Jackson was wondering what to do now. Then he suddenly remembered that there was a lot of sweet potatoes on the land of Mrs. Smith. He made up his mind to take a few sweet potatoes.

He would definitely pay them later. Then he went to the farm of Miss Smith and brought few good sweet potatoes. Mrs. Smith’s son saw Mr. Jackson stealing sweet potatoes. Then he told the whole thing to Miss Smith. Mr. Smith understood that Mr. Jackson would not steal without any reason and she decided to take him more sweet potatoes.

When she arrives at Mr. Jackson’s house, she overhears Mr. Jackson said that these sweet potatoes will work for a few days, we don’t have anything to eat except for the sweet potatoes. Miss Smith became very sad to hear this. She then voiced Mr. and Mrs. Jackson and then wished them both a good morning.

Then Mr. Jackson stopped him from speaking anymore and started telling me about the previous night and said that I promise I will pay you for whatever I have taken. “I already know what you did,” miss smith said. Mrs. Smith gave the sweet potato basket to Mr. Jackson and said that there is no need to give money, it is our duty to help each other’s, whatever you did, you did it in compulsion.

Mrs. Smith gave Mr. Jackson a basket of sweet potatoes and said that there is no need to give money, it is our duty to help others, whatever you did, you did it in compulsion. Mr. Jackson said to Mrs. Smith that I don’t know how to thank you. Just then Mrs. Davis walked in with her daughter.

She came up to thank Mr. Jackson for what he had done. Mrs. Davis said that we are safe and have a home because of you. Thank you for passing on my husband’s salary to us. Just Then “my salary,” Mr. Davis said. They all turned to see Mr. Davis standing there at the door. (Mr. Davis had seen his wife on the way to Mr. Jackson’s house.) Mr. Davis told his wife, “What are you talking about my salary.

That is with me. Mr. Davis said to his wife, “What are you saying about my salary. She is with me. His wife was amazed at this. She was as amazed as her husband now. Mr. Jackson smiled and explained how he helped the Davis family? Now it was Mr. Davis’s turn to repay the debt. It was now Mr. Davis’s turn to repay the debt. Mr. Davis gave all his salary to Mr. Jackson and thanked him.

From this story, we get to learn that no matter what the situation, always help everyone. And they say that the seeds you sow, you get the same fruit.

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