The Arrogant Lioness

A long time ago, a Lioness lived in the forest. The lioness was very beautiful and Powerful. She was very proud of her strength. Lioness’s husband was the king of the forest. He was very compassionate and just opposite to the nature of the lioness.

Once a pig and Fox had a fight. A Pig said to Fox, “Fox I will kill you“. At that time the Lion reach there and told them to stop the fight. They both get bothered by seeing the Lion over there! Pig and Fox- “Long live our king!”

“Why are you fighting with each other? Have you only learned to fight in the forest” Lion asked them? Then Fox replied, “No my lord” Pig said, “Forgive us we did a mistake” and both apologized to the Lion.

The lion was very respectable among all the animals. But the lioness was very arrogant. She did not even talk directly to anyone. One day the Lioness took a round of forest and the monkey sitting on the tree, saw the queen coming. Monkey, “Hello, Queen.” The Lioness just gave a look to them and moved forward. One of them said to another monkey, “How arrogant is she!”

The Arrogant Lioness had two kids. Her kids always wanted to play with other animals in the forest. But she never allowed them to play with anyone. Whenever her kids tried to play with other animals, the lioness always scold them, “Kids Come here! How many times I have told you that not to play with them, they all are trivial creatures. We don’t have any match with them.”

The kid turtles asked their mates, “Why the Queen does not allow her children to play with us“.

The donkey replied, “Because she thinks we have not equal to her, she considers us to be very trivial creatures.“

Like every day the lioness was eating with her children. Just then, a snake king crawling from the bushes he moved towards the kids with an intention to bite them. But before the snake could bite the kids, an eagle came flying and killed the snake.

“Thank you, aunt! You saved our life.” both kids showed gratitude to Egal. Egal- “No problem! It was my duty.” Lioness to kids- “Come on kids it is time to walk.” Cat standing nearby said to the rabbit, “Queen did not do this right“. Rabbit- “In the future whenever they need us we will not help them.

One day the arrogant lioness along with her children went to the bank of the lake. And she slept there. Seeing their mother sleeping her children went to play. When the lioness woke up she saw that both of her children were not there. She became very tensed and looked around here and there. Lioness- “What is this? where have my kids gone?

The lioness saw the kids around the lake. But she could not see them, because the Lion was not present in the forest the lioness became very upset. Queen- “What do I do now? The king is not even in the forest. Now, where and how will I find my children?”

The evening was about to happen. The lioness was too worried looking for her kids. The lioness approached the monkeys. Seeing the distressed lioness coming the first time, the monkey said “Hey! why the queen is bothered today?” Lioness Said to them “Hey Monkey! Have you seen my children?”

Monkeys did not believe that the arrogant lioness is talking to them. Monkey asked Lioness “Queen! You! Are you talking with us?” Queen- “Yes, dear monkey. Have you seen my children anywhere?”  Monkey- “Queen how do we know? We are small creatures.” Listening to the monkey’s lioness becomes more sad and upset.

Going a little further lioness met a donkey. The lioness goes to the donkey and asks him “Dear donkey. Did my kids come to play with you?” The donkey replied, “No queen how will they come to play with me, as you have not been allowed playing with me” Listening to the donkey lioness felt very embarrassed. Then she goes ahead looking for the children.

She met with an elephant and the bear ahead. The lioness has never met with the elephant before. Because she was concerned about her children. She asked the elephant, “Dear elephant have you seen my children anywhere?”

Elephant- “No queen! I have not seen your kids anywhere. Even if I had seen them, I would have never told. Because you and your children were forbidden to meet me and you told them that I am a crazy and mad elephant.”

Lioness felt very bad to hear the elephant’s answer. She then asked the bear, “Bear bro have you seen my kids?” Bear- “No queen I have not seen your kids.” The lioness asked for help, “Will you help me to find my kids.” The bear- “How can I help you? I am a useless and silly bear. Your children should stay away from me.”

Hearing a lot of noise, some other animals also reach there. The lioness asked for help to everyone, “Will you help me to find my kids?” The small rat said, “Hey queen! How can I help You? I am just a too small rat.” Horse- “Yeah! I am the mad horse without the halter”

Camel- “And according to you, I don’t come in any count and I should not be present in this forest.” Little Bee – “No queen. We don’t have any feeling for you.”

Listening to this all lionesses started crying. She cried a lot and realized, that how cruel and arrogant she is! Then she apologized to all the animals, “All the fault is mine. Please, please forgive me. I realized my fault. I did not think that how important it is to be a friend. Now nobody will help me.”

Seeing the lioness crying all the animals were very sad. The cock tells the lioness, “Kukuduuku! Do not worry Queen! We will help you to find out your children.” Elephant- “We just wanted to make you realize, that how much we were hurt with your behavior!” Lioness replied, “I can understand Elephant! Please, Please Forgive me.”

“Come together we will find the queen’s children,” Bear said to all the animals. All animals together started looking for the children of the lioness. After a while, the horse found the kids of the lioness playing with the turtle. Horse, “I have found your kids, they are here.” 

After some time the lioness arrived there and she was very happy to see her children playing with the turtle.

She thanked all the animals heartily. Since that day the lioness never insulted any animal. and give up on her pride forever!


“That we should never boast anything and should never hurt others.”

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