The Bird And The Bee Short Story

In this article, I have written the Bird And The Bee Short Story with Birds and the Bees talk script this is a short and moral story. In which I wrote that the bee paid the debt of the bird help and then became true friends and always started helping each other.

The Bird And The Bee Story

One day a beautiful bird was going to his house with food for himself and when he was going up a river, he heard a voice help me! help me! when he turned his eyes on the river, then he saw a bee. Who was trapped in the water and she was crying?

Short Story on Adventure Trip
Short Story on Adventure Trip

The bee told the bird that helps me! I do not know how to swim. Bird thinks about how I would benefit from it. Bee says that I will never forget your help, maybe one day I can help you.

The bird was so amused by the idea of the bee being able to help him. Then the bird went to a tree, brought a leaf, and threw it into the water then the bee climbed on that leaf and flew into the sky.

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Short Story on Adventure Trip

One day the bird was resting on the tree. Then the hunter came there in search of his prey and saw that bird. Then he started laying nets to catch the bird. Suddenly the bee came there and saw the hunter laying the trap.

Seeing this, she was filled with anger and stung the hunter and the hunter ran away back to the village. Then the bird realized that a small bee can be very helpful in bad times and can save anyone’s life.

After that incident, both of them became very good friends and started helping each other.

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Moral of the story: Even the smallest animals/thing is very helpful.

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