The Elephants And The Rats Story Moral

In this story, I have written a very interesting story the Elephants and the Rats story moral. You will read in this story how a small mouse saved huge elephants from hunters.

The Elephants And The Rats

Once upon a time, there lived a herd of elephants in a dense forest. They used to go from one side of the forest to the other in search of food every day. One day as they searched for food, many rats died after being buried under his feet. So, all the rats held a meeting and decided to meet the chief of the Elephants.

The next day the chief of the rats meets the chief of the elephant. and said to change their path. “If you want to live, run away from here. We will not change the path.” the chief of the elephants shouted in anger.” Sir Don’t get angry” the chief of the rats said.

I have not come here to destroy your journey. I have come here to tell you the fear of death. many of our group mates died.” said the chief of the rats in cried. So, if you change your path, we will be live here happily. Can you please do it? Our aim is not to destroy your group mates. Don’t worry! We will change our path.

We’ll never get in your way after today. All the rats become very happy to hear that and said “Thank you.” we are very grateful to you. You have accepted our request. “In return, we will help you when you will need us!”  The Rats went back to their places. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE The Elephant And The Ant Short Story.

The Elephant found this is very funny that how these tiny rats will be going to help such giant and powerful animals. One day as usual the Elephants went to search for food. They were caught unexpectedly in the hunter’s net.

The elephants tried hard to get out of the hunter’s net but they were unsuccessful. All the hunters went to the village to get the Prison cart, then the elephants started shouting loudly. Their sound echoed throughout the whole forest.

On hearing the noise, the Rats knew that the Elephants were in danger. So, all the Rat’s ran towards the direction from where the sound came. The Rat’s understood the suffering of the Elephants and bit the net with their sharp teeth and freed the Elephants.

The Elephants thanked the Rats for their help. The mice sat on the Elephant’s back and played happily. Seeing the elephants freed from the trap, the hunters were fear and ran away to their villages with the prison cart.

After that Elephants learn a lesson that “Doesn’t Underestimate the small animal, they can be an immense help to us at the time of need.” 

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