The Fox Ghost

The Fox Ghost Story for kids:

Many animals used to live in a forest. All considered themselves more intelligent and powerful than each other that’s why they used to fight with each other. One day a Fox came from another forest. At the time of her arrival in the forest in the very beginning, she met a Jackal.

At the same time when Elephant was drinking water in the pond, the Fox also stopped and starts drinking water there. The elephant said to Fox “What are you doing here it’s my time to drink water go from here.” Fox said “What is all this. Is there any time to drink water to do?”

The Elephant said “Yes, this is the case. Go from here otherwise, it will not good for you.” Fox said “I will just drink a little water. Please let me drink.”

The Elephant gets angry at the Fox and looks at the Fox with anger. Seeing the Elephant angry, the Fox gets scared and leaves from there.

Short Story on Adventure Trip
Short Story on Adventure Trip

Then Fox saw the Wolf coming towards him. Wolf said himself “Looks like this Fox is new in the forest. Let’s do some mischief.” “Looks like you are new in the forest,” Wolf asked the Fox. Fox replied, “Yes, I came into this forest today only.”

Wolf said to the Fox “Hey when you have come into this forest then I want to tell you one rule of the forest. Every animal in the forest has to hold and pull the trunk of the Elephant at least once a day.” Fox asked Wolf ” But why.” Wolf replied “because the Elephant works from its drunk all the time so when he gets tired then somebody has to pull his trunk so that his fatigue can be reduced “

As the Wolf was speaking this then only did, he sees an Elephant coming from far-seeing the Elephant. The Wolf quickly moves away and hides behind a tree.

Wolf said “Now it will be fun. Yesterday this Elephant scolded me for my mischief. Today the Fox drags this Elephant trunk. How much fun it will be to see this view.” Suddenly the Elephant reaches near the Fox and begins to speak himself without paying attention to the Fox.

The Elephant said to himself “Oh god! Today I am very tired. Let’s relax a bit.” As soon as the Elephant speaks to himself. The Fox wraps the Elephant’s trunk and pulls it because of which the Elephant gets screamed in anger. The Elephant said, “Who is this? Who got so much courage?” As soon as the Elephant is down in anger. He sees the Fox standing there. Seeing the Fox there the Elephant becomes angry and starts pushing with his trunk because of that the Fox directly collides with a large tree. Seeing all this the Wolf gets scared and goes away to the Fox.

Wolf said to the Fox “What happened I was just doing mischief but the Elephant actually attacked you. Are you alright? Is something happening to you?” The Fox does not answer anything when the Wolf asked because He had died.

After some time, the other animals of the forest also gather there. Seeing the condition of the Fox all the animals asked the Wolf “Who is this?” Before today we have never seen her.” beer said. “Beer brother maybe she has come from another forest. But what has happened to her” Monkey said. Deer said “She very badly injured. We should help her.”

Listening to all animals, Elephant and Wolf got scared. Wolf fears his mischief and the Elephant fears his deed that what he has done with the Fox. They both called the Fox their friends and take her from there and bury her near the river. 

The Elephant said to the Fox that “No animal in this forest should know about this Fox.” the Wolf replied “Yes, you said absolutely right. If that happens then our truth will be revealed to everyone.”

Slowly the Wolf and the Elephant also forget about the Fox and everything becomes like as before.

One evening, when the Elephant was drinking water near the river. He realizes that someone is behind him. The Elephant said, “Is there anyone here.” there were no references to the Elephant’s frequent voices. Therefore, he was considering it as his own superstition. He goes from there after drinking the water of the river.

After a few days, the superstition of the Elephant changes into fear because he starts feeling like someone is there near the river every day. One day when the Elephant was resting in the forest then only the Wolf comes to him. The Wolf said to the Elephant “What happened to you, Elephant brother? Why are you so upset? Is everything alright?”

The Elephant said to the Fox “Whenever I drink water on the river in the evening. I feel like someone is standing behind me but as soon as I look back there is no one. I think is a ghost in the forest.” The Wolf started laughing and said “It’s definitely your superstition. There are no such things as ghosts.”

After saying this the Wolf goes from there. That night when the Wolf was roaming outside his cave. He sees a shadow of someone in front of him. The Wolf shouts “Who are there come in front?” The shadow disappears as soon as it is said by the Wolf.

The next day Wolf talks about this with the Elephant whereby both of them get scared and start thinking about Fox. Only then do the other animals of the forest also reach there. “Do you all know? There is a ghost in this forest” Monkey said. There is no such thing as ghosts it’s just the superstition of all of you.

The Elephant said, “Every evening I realized someone being behind me near the river.” The Wolf said, “I had also seen the shadow of an animal near my cave last night.”

Deer said, “If it is so then why not us awake all night together and see who is the ghost after all?”

All animals agreed with the talk of deer and sit in one place at night. All the animals were talking among themselves when they saw a shadow of an animal. They are seeing the shadow all got up and star running behind the shadow.

Lion said “Who are you? Stop there otherwise, I will kill you.” As the lion speaks. The shadow stops at its place. All the animals think that he is a thief who has come to steal their food by scaring everyone in the forest. The monkey said, “you are not a ghost. You are a thief who has come from another forest to steal our food.” After speaking of this the animals move forward and as soon as they reached that shadow. The shadow disappears from there.

Seeing all the animals are amazed and start looking around but they could not see anyone.

“Surely there is a ghost in the forest. How can an animal disappear from the front of the eyes so quickly?” Elephant said.

Wolf said, “Yes, I agree with the Elephant’s point of view this must definitely be the ghost of that Fox.”

Lion said to the Wolf “But in our forest, there was no Fox ever.” Monkey replied, “The Fox is not there but some time ago a Fox came to the forest who was the friend of the Elephant and the Wolf but she had gone back.” After that, all the animals start looking at the Elephant and Wolf. They all hear her voice “no one will survive all will die”

Wolf said to animals “She was not our friend.” The Elephant said to the animals “No this Wolf has gone crazy she was our friend.”

Listening to the Elephant a shadow comes out from the bushes and speaks “This is a lie. I was new in this forest.” after that, all the animals feel very confused and the Wolf becomes very scared. He tells the whole truth then all the animals get angry. The monkey said “How can you both do this? How can you kill another animal? You both should be punished.”

Shadow said “I just want justice for the Fox. Now you are doing justice then I can come out. Only after listening to the shadow. They were completely shocked only then a Jackal comes out from behind the bushes. Everyone was surprised to see it. Lion said to Jackal “So you were scaring everyone like a ghost but why did you do this.”

Jackal replied to the Lion “Because I just wanted justice for the Fox. When she came to the forest new, she first met me. But in the spirit of taking revenge from the Elephant. The Wolf did mischief her and the Elephant kill the Fox in a fit of anger and lied to all of you and took her near the river and buried her. I had seen all this that’s why I did all this to get justice done.”

Upon hearing about the Jackal. The Lion gets annoyed and decides to take out the Wolf and Elephant from the forest in order to do justice with the Fox.

Moral of the story:

That we should never do any harm to anybody for our mischief and should never do any work in anger because the work done in anger is always bad.

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