The Hidden Treasure Story In Short

The Farmer’s treasure Story

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived an old farmer who was very hard work. But his four sons were very lazy. They were roaming all day instead of work with his father in the field.

Due to his sons’ laziness, his father thought that what will they do after my death. One day the old man’s health deteriorated, and he decided to talk to his sons about their future. But no one did not listen to him.

Finally, he got an idea that how can I explain the importance of work to my sons. He called his sons and told them about the hidden treasure. He told that I have a treasure which is filled with diamonds and gold coins.

They were very happy to hear this and ask, “where is the treasure”. Where have you hidden it? The old man replied, “I cannot exactly remember the place where I have hidden the treasure. All I remember is that I hid treasure in our land”. 

The next day they went to the farmland where the old man had hidden the treasure. They started to dig the vast farmland. They kept working hard to get the treasure. They Kept digging the vast farmland for a month. But they could not get the treasure.

Where is the treasure? One of them asked after digging the whole farmland. It is just barren land no treasure here complained another one of them.  A passer-by heard the commotion and went and saw why the commotion was happening.

A passer-by saw the farmland have dig properly by them. Then he suggests that Since you have already dug up the farm. So why don’t you plant some seed? If you sow seeds in this land, then your crops will be very good.

The farmer’s sons didn’t like the idea of a passer-by. After some time, they went back home and started shouting at the old man. There is not any treasure in farmland. “You are a liar,” said another one of them. The old man said “No dear there is a treasure.

If you sow seeds in the excavated field, then you will definitely get the treasure”. After some discussion, they decided to sow the seed in farmland. Soon the seed grew into healthy crops. They sold the crops in the market and received a good amount of money.

They were very happy to get the money. So, this was the treasure his father was telling them. His father wanted to teach him that nothing comes free of cost in this world, hard work is required to earn something. The Four brothers learn the importance of hard work and from that day they overcome their laziness and work hard for their future.

MORAL: Hard work always pays off.

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