The Lazy Boy That Became A Cow

Long year ago, there lived a lazy boy. Other people worked hard but this boy only slept. One day his mother scolded him “Oh you are always sleeping. You have to work like other peoples.”

The lazy boy did not want to be scolded. So, he went outside what’s the use of working. It’s is better to sleep all the time that cow is just eating grass in the shade. I wish I was a cow. An old man was passing by and gave the boy a strange mask when he heard the boy talking.

Old man said “You can become a cow if you wear this mask”. He was surprised to hear this and said “What! I can become a cow. Old man said “Try it.” The lazy boy put the mask on right away. Surprisingly he really did become a cow.

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The lazy boy said “this is an amazing. I can’t believe I’m a Cow now I can sleep every time and eat all the time.” The lazy boy was very happy that he became a cow. The old man became the cow master the and the old man sold the cow to farmer.

The old man said to the farmer “this cow works well but if you give it radish then Cow will die. The farmer whipped the cow and took it to the field. The lazy boy was surprised and yelled “I am not a cow I’m a human the boy’s words only sounded like a cow mooing.

The lazy boy was brought out to the field and worked all day long. The Lazy boy realized his mistake and said himself that “I was foolish I should have listened to mother and worked hard.” The lazy boy regretted his bad behaviour and cried.

The lazy boy walked to the radish field and ate a radish because he did not want to live like this. What do you think happened next? Unlike what the old man said there was a Bang sound when the boy took a bite and he became a human again.

The lazy boy jumped with joy. “I won’t be lazy anymore and I’ll work hard.” From then on, the lazy boy worked harder than anymore else. His mother and the little boy stay happily ever after. At last, he was no longer a lazy boy.  


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