The Rabbit In The Moon Story

The Rabbit In The Moon Story:

A long time ago, A man lived on the moon. He was getting bored and gazing down at the earth. He looked at the horses. They were running in the field. He smiled at the snail on their slow speed. When he turned his gaze to the forest, he noticed that there was a rabbit, a fox, and a monkey playing together.

The man on the moon wanted to wonder who was the kindest animal. He decided to go to the earth. He changes himself into a poor man and then goes to earth. “The fox was sly and the rabbit is swift but which one is the kindest.” he wondered. He thought of a plan.

The next day the man in the moon changes himself into a homeless beggar and goes to the earth. “Please!” He said sadly to the three friends “Could you please find something for me to eat. I am very hungry.” After hearing this without wasting any time, the monkey runs off into the forest. Pluck a large leaf, formed a pouch and filled it with sweet fruit and nuts.

Then he raced back to the beggar to deliver the meal. “This is looking very sweet fruits.” the man in the moon said. “Surely you are the kindest animal on the earth.” the man in the moon said.

“Wait,” said Fox. “Fruits and nuts are fine, but I will bring a fish for you. Then your belly will be full and you are satisfied. He ran fast towards the river and came back with a big fish for the beggar. “Delicious!” Surely you are the kindest animal on Earth,” the man in the moon said. Fox is very happy to hear this.

Now Rabbit runs off into the forest to search for some delicious food for the beggar. But he cannot find anything in the forest for the beggar. “I cannot find food to bring for you to eat that will be better than the wonderful fruits and nuts which my friend the monkey brought you. Or delicious as the fish which fox brought. But I know you would enjoy the taste of freshly cooked rabbit.” cried the rabbit.

He ran back into the forest and brought some firewood. Rabbit build a fire and tossed himself into the fire. “Stop!” the fox shrieked. “Stop!” the monkey squealed. “Stop!” the beggar shouted and he reached into the fire to pull the rabbit out.

The fox, the monkey, and the rabbit stared at the man who no longer looked like a homeless beggar. “What, it’s the man in the moon,” the fox cried. “Indeed, it is,” agreed with the monkey. The man in the moon explained how he came to Earth to find out who the kindest creature is. And now I know! It’s the rabbit,” he said.

“But what about me?” The fox asked. “Yes, and what about me?” The monkey mimicked. “We’re just as kind. Look at the wonderful meals we brought you!” “Indeed, you were both very kind. But only the rabbit was willing to give up everything he had for a stranger. He was willing to give up his life.” The man in the moon said.

 So, the rabbit went to live on the moon with the man. On a clear night, if you look really carefully you can see the rabbit right there beside the smiling face of the man in the moon. Even today, if you look carefully, you will see a rabbit on the moon.

Sometimes kindness is rewarded in most unusual ways.

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