The Snow Queen Story

The Snow Queen Story is a fairy tales story written by Hans Christian Andersen. Once upon a time, there lived a wicked troll king who built a magic mirror. The mirror made anything that was beautiful or good look ugly and bad in its reflection. The troll king was very mean indeed! He travelled around the world and used the mirror to make people see the worst in everything and everyone.

One day the troll king decided to make fun of the angels by showing them their reflection in his mirror. But as he tried to carry the mirror towards heaven, he dropped it and the mirror shattered into a million tiny pieces! A strong wind picked up the magic mirror pieces and blew them all over the Earth.

Tiny fragments of mirror were blown into people’s eyes, making them see the world as a foul and rotten place, and when a mirror fragment touched someone’s heart in frozen them hard like ice so they no longer felt joy.

Years later pieces of the mirror fell in a small town where two best friends, Kai and Gerda lived happily. As the friends read a book together a splinter of broken mirrors flew into Kai’s eye and another pierced his heart!

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In an instant, everything changed. Kai destroyed the roses he and Gerda had planted together and he argued and taunted her over the smallest of things. Soon the friends rarely played together anymore.

The next winter, Kai was playing alone in the snow when a giant carriage drew up beside him. The mysterious driver called Kai over and he found himself staring into the piercing blue eyes of the Snow Queen!

Kai was spellbound and when the Snow Queen invited him to ride with her, he was powerless to resist. Kia was fearful and numb with the cold. Seeing that he was afraid the Snow Queen kissed him on the forehead.

Immediately the cold and all of his memories disappeared and the Snow Queen drove her carriage on and on towards her ice palace home.

When Kai did not return home the people of the town thought that he must have drowned in the river, but his loyal friend, Gerda, felt sure that he was still alive.

First, Gerda took her boat to the river and offered her new shoes as a gift if the river returned her friends. But the river did not have Kai, so Gerda continued with her search.

Next, Gerda searched tool her in an enchanted garden of eternal summer. The fairy who owned the garden was very lonely so he cast a magic spell to make Gerda forget everything and stay! As the spell took hold all of the roses in the garden sank below the ground so that Gerda would not be reminded of home and Kai.

Gerda could not understand why she felt so sad in such a beautiful place as time passed. Then one day as she wept one of her tears touched the ground and a rose bush sprang up. the flower whispered to Gerda that Kai was not dead and with that, the fairy’s spell was broken!

Gerda escaped from the enchanted garden and after walking for many miles she met a raven. By now Gerda was very hungry so she was grateful when the kind raven gave her some bread. As Gerda ate, she told the raven all about the search for her friend.

The raven listened carefully. Then he told Gerda about a princess and her quest to find a husband who was both clever and funny. The princess had found her perfect prince and the raven believed that the prince might be Kai.

Gerda was excited by the raven news and searched for the princess’s palace. But when she arrived, she discovered that the prince the raven spoke about was not her dear friend after all. The prince and princess felt very sorry for Gerda, so they gave her some warm clothes and a fine carriage so that she could continue her search.

Not long after Gerda left the palace, robbers spied her fancy carriage and attacked it! Luckily a little robber girl took pity on Gerda so the other robbers did not harm her and took her back to their hideout. There the little robber girl kept wood pigeons and a reindeer tied up as pets. One night, while the little robber girl slept the raven came to visit Gerda and spoke to the wood pigeons. Cooing quietly, they told the raven that the Snow Queen had taken Kai to Lapland!

 In the morning Gerda told the little robber girl what the wood pigeons had said. The little robber girl could see that Gerda was upset, so he agreed to free her and let her take the reindeer to ride on. It was a long journey to the Snow Queen’s palace and Gerda made two stops.

The first was at a Lapp woman’s home. The Lapp woman told Gerda that the snow queen had Moved from her summer palace in Lapland to her winter palace in Finmark.

The second stop was at a Finn woman’s home. The Finn woman told the reindeer that the secret of Gerda’s special power to save Kai from the Snow Queen was in her innocent child’s heart.

When Gerda reached the Snow Queen palace, she was stopped by icy snowflakes that were guarding it. But when she said a prayer, her breath took the shape of angels, who battled with the snowflakes so that she could enter the palace safely.

Once inside, Gerda found Kai all alone in a frozen lake. Kai was completely still as he sat trying to solve a puzzle that the Snow Queen had set him. If Kai was able to form the word eternity from splintered pieces of ice, the snow queen had promised to release him from her power.

Gerda was thrilled to see that her friend was alive! She ran up to Kai and kissed him, crying tears of happiness. As Gerda’s warm tears fell on Kai, they melted his heart and burnt away the magic mirror splinter inside.

In an instant, everything changed.

Able to feel once more, Kai began crying too, and his tears dislodged the splinter from his eye. Kai was a healthy and happy boy again!

Kai and Garda danced joyfully on the frozen lake and a splinter of ice joined them, spinning, swirling, and twirling. When the reunited friends were tired of dancing the ice splinters fell to spell ‘eternity’. The Snow Queen’s spell was broken and Kai was free to return home with his very best friend, Gerda.

  • Is frozen based on the snow queen?

No, They were both based on “The Snow Queen”, Hans Christian Andersen wrote a story in 1844. Actually, Frozen was initially been called “Anna and The Snow Queen” and had been in different stages of production since 2018.”

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