The Two Headed bird

The bird with two heads short story :

A long time ago, there was a very old forest. And lots of animals used to live in that forest. Among them, there was a bird and that bird was very unique. He had two heads one stomach and two legs!

Whatever the first head used to eat the second head is always ready to taste the same. All the animals used to make fun of the bird and they used to tease him. One day, Fox teased the bird in front of other animals, “Is he a bird or a monster? He hardly looks like a bird. He is having two heads. And look at us we only have one. How can someone like this be an animal?”

Rabit replied,  “Yes, you are right! He is not like any of us. It seems that he has come from another planet.” After listening to the animals, one face of bird started crying and the other head asked the reason for it. The first head of the bird asked to second head “What’s wrong with you? Why are you crying? And why your face hanging like this?

Then the second head said, “Can’t you see, how everyone is making fun of me?” First head – “Yes! I have seen this but what we can do? God has created us like this. We should be grateful to him for the way we are.

This way they both shared their work and sorrows. and shifted their focus on the work. But where there are two utensils, there is the sound of the collision. Similarly, that has happened with that bird. And Both the head began to think and behave like strangers.

While one head likes something to eat and the other one wants something different. When the bird was walking the first head saw some food and asked the second head, “Hey! here is some food, do you want to eat it?” The second head said, “No! You eat it. I feel busy even looking at it.” And then they both started acting against each other and fought frequently.

One day, the bird was walking near the lake adjacent to the forest. Through the waves, a fruit comes at the bank of the lake and the first head started to eat that. But he did not give anything to the second head.

The first head said, “You don’t eat this fruit. It is not as tastier as other fruit! You can eat other fruit.” The second head, “You should share this fruit with me.” The first head, “Why are you making an issue of such a small thing? I admit that we both are different but our stomach is common. that’s why whatever we eat goes in our stomach. So don’t worry and focus on your own food.”

By saying this the first head offered the remaining fruit to his lover instead of giving it to the second head. And first head’s lover begins to eat the fruit in front of the second head. Seeing this, the second head felt very bad and decided to take revenge on the first head. Without saying anything to the second head he turned away his face from him.

One day, the bird was sitting under a tree, Suddenly a fruit falls in front of the bird. Seeing that he thinks, “Ohh! What is this?” The bird glanced up at the tree where he saw a lot of fruits! The second head thinks, that it is a tasty fruit and thought of eating it in front of the first head. however, the first head knew everything about the tree.

The first head tells the second head not to eat that fruit and don’t offer it to him also. The second head said, “Do you think I am a fool? And you want to eat it yourself.”  Then the first head replied, “Oh no, it’s not like that. Please understand this fruit is poisonous. Both of us will die if we eat it.

But the second head ignored the honest advice of the first head and eat that fruit. And the two-headed bird died as soon as he eats that fruit. In this way, the two-headed bird forgets the meaning of morality and died because of disdain.

Moral Of The Story :

That we should never let the ego come between relationships.

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