The Ugly Tree Story


A long time ago, in a very dense forest. There were very beautiful dense fruit trees, trees covered with green leaves. All those trees were very proud of their beauty. All beautiful trees appreciate their beauty very much. Everyone used to think that this forest is very popular because of its beauty.

They all used to talk about their beauty but there was another tree whose trunk was bent. There were only two to four leaves on that tree and that tree was very useless in appearance. The ugly tree was very sad and all the other trees used to make fun of him.

They used to call him an ugly and useless tree. But the ugly tree couldn’t say anything to anyone because somewhere he also knew that all the trees are speaking the truth. One day a terrible forest hit the forest. Also read Short Story About God With Moral Lesson

Seeing this storm coming towards them all the trees started troubling with fear because all their fruits and leaves will fall and all their beauty will be taken away from them. All those trees were thinking only about themselves. But no one thought about the small plants on the ground.

Those plants were too young whose life had just begun. The ugly tree started thinking about how to save the lives of these plants. Then ugly tree thought something and spoke with its twigs “Go my twigs and surround these little plants with all sides. So that these plants do not fly away with the storm.”

The twigs did the same after listening to the ugly tree. They covered the plants like a protective shield. Those plants started to feel safe then the storm came. The ugly tree said to all the trees “The storm has come to hold the ground strongly with your roots.”

Then roots of all the trees held the ground firmly. Then the storm started shaking the tree out loud. The leaves of some trees were falling and the flower of some trees was flying. The havoc of the storm continued for a long time. Injuring many trees and went ahead. All those plants thank the ugly tree for saving their life.

One day some woodcutters came to the forest. One woodcutter said to the other “these days more demand for wood and we need to cut down more trees.” Then woodcutter’s eye fell on the ugly tree. He said “How useless tree is. We don’t need such a tree.”

After saying this they started cutting the beautiful trees. After cutting the beautiful trees they took the wood with them. And the ugly tree was saved due to his ugliness.

Moral of the story:Always be content with what you have.”

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