The Wind And The Sun Short Story

In the wind and the sun short story, you will read how Surya wins by using his intellect and how Wind realizes his mistake.

The Wind And The Sun

A long time ago the wind and the sun were talking. The wind told the sun that you are shining a lot today. “You know I’m stronger than you, don’t you?” said the wind. “Don’t be proud my friend,” said Sun. Hearing this, Wind got angry. “I’m not being arrogant. I’m telling the truth. If you don’t believe me, let’s have competition now!” Wind said. Sun did not want to compete with his friend. But the wind left him with no choice.

Reluctantly, he agreed.  “Alright, my friend, let’s have a competition. Just then, a young man was walking on the road below them. He was wearing a beautiful scarf and a beautiful coat. my friend, See that man below. Whoever can take off his scarf and coat with all his might, he will win. Okay, wind. You go ahead first. And then the wind tried to blow off the man’s scarf. The man’s scarf moved a bit and his coat front flapped a little.

“It’s just the beginning, I’ll show the man my more strength.” Said the wind. Now the wind blew a little stronger. The man’s scarf and coat front flapping more in the wind. The wind grew fiercer and blew more widely at him. The man’s scarf almost left him but he caught it and tied it around his neck properly. The wind blew at the man with all his power and anger but it only made the man wrap his scarf and coat around him more tightly.

The wind made him feel so cold that he wrapped his hands around his feet and sat under a tree by the side of the road. The wind failed to take off her dupatta and coat. “I still haven’t given up. If my power and rage couldn’t do the job then you certainly won’t be able to do it either.” Wind said to Sun. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE Moral Stories For 10-Year-Olds.

“Let us see, I think you have frozen the poor man. Maybe he feels some heat and takes off the scarf.” Sun said to the Wind. And so the sun gently smiled a bit at the man. Immediately, the man started feeling better. He straightened up and the smile returned to his mouth. He got up and started walking his way again. “Is that it? will you do that? Would you just smile at him?” Wind said to the sun.

The sun ignored his friend and smiled at the man a little bit more. The man became more comfortable and walked his way faster. “Watch what happens now,” Sun said.  Now the sun gave the man an even bigger smile. As the sun’s smile grew bigger the man started feeling warmer and warmer. Finally, he started sweating, he could not bear the heat of the sun. Then he slowly took off his scarf. Seeing this, Wind was astonished. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE The Bird And The Bee Short Story.

At last, the heat of the sun became so intense for the man that he took off his coat and threw it aside. In this way, Sun won the competition very easily. “I’m sorry I underestimated the effect of humility. I thought only power could work in the world but I was wrong.” Wind said to the Sun. “Oh, don’t worry my friend. Now you blow the wind softly so that his sweat disappears? The wind did it, while the sun smiled lightly.

The man started walking happily on his way enjoying the pleasant day.

MORAL: Where humility works, force should not be used.

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