The Wise Man Story

This is one of the greatest bible story named The Three Wise Men.

Three Wise Men :-

Long time ago far away in the east. Three wise kings saw a beautiful star shining brightly in the sky over Bethlehem.

image source @the holy tales: bible

Three wise man kings were King Gasper king Melchior and King Balthazar and they knew that the bright star in the sky was a sign from God. So they decided to follow the star and to travel to Jerusalem to find the child who was going to be the king of all the Jews. All of them wanted to honor him.

The three wise Kings travelled on their camels for many days. They travelled over high mountains, huge deserts over vast open plains but all they did was to follow the bright shinning star in the sky. When the king of Jerusalem king Herod heard about this child being born, he was afraid that he would lose his kingdom.

So, he carved out a plan to kill him. He told the wise man tell me when you find this child, I want to Honor him too. The three wise men travelled for days on end and finally reached their destination in Bethlehem. They were overjoyed the three wise men entered the house and saw the child with his mother Mary.

They knew that this child was Jesus the Son of god. They all knelt down before him offering him valuable gifts which they got with them. They offered him precious gold, frankincense and myrrh.

That night when the three wise men left from Jesus’s house, they decided not to go back to King Herod and they didn’t inform him anything about the Son Of God.

They were warned by an angel in their dream about King Herod’s vicious plan. So, the three wise men travelled back home taking a different route one night. One night, Joseph saw an angel in his dream. The angel warned him “Hurry to Egypt and save the child! Herod wants to kill the child and the lord needs to be saved.

That night Mary and Joseph left for Egypt along with baby Jesus. After few years When King Herod died, Joseph had another dream the angel appeared in his dream once again and said “It is now safe to go back to Bethlehem with Jesus. After this dream Joseph went back to Bethlehem with Mary and Jesus when Lord Jesus grew up.

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