Edinburgh mum finds incredible 135-year-old message in whiskey bottle under her floorboards

Credit by:  Daily Record

In October 1887, two local workers left a note under the floorboards at Morningside Villa

Credit by:   Edinburgh Live

More than 135 years later, his mysterious message in a bottle has been rediscovered

Credit by:   BBC

Signed and dated by two male workers, the message read: "James Ritchie and John Grieve laid this floor, but they didn't drink whiskey."

Credit by:  Metro UK

The Victorian time capsule was discovered on Monday by local plumber Peter Allen in UK

Credit by:  Wales Online

The note contained a message from two workers who laid the floor in 1887

Credit by:  The Mirror

Eilidh posted this incredible find to social media on Wednesday

Credit by:   The US Sun

Mum of two Eilidh Stimpson was shocked when she found a 135-year-old note in an empty whiskey bottle

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