Police have arrested a man in connection with the shooting death of a woman and 3 children inside a Chesterfield home

Credit by:  NBC News

Police responded to the 4200 block of Laurel Oak Road at around 5 a.m. on Nov 8

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Officials have identified the victims as JoAnna M. Cottle,39, Kaelyn M. Parson, 13, Kinsey M. Cottle, 4, and Jayson L. Cottle, 4

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police identified the suspect as Jonah L. Adams, 35, of Waldorf

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Mohammed Adams was previously in a relationship with JoAnna and is the father of Kinsey and Jayson Cottle

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Adams was captured near his home in Maryland

Credit by:  Richmond Times-Dispatch

Neighbor Candy Hirsch said her husband heard 3 loud bangs Friday morning

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After blocking the road for about 10 hours for investigation, it was opened at 4 pm

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