Customer Services  If you work well with customers,this job is good work from home.

  Tutoring   If you have good knowledge on a particular subject then tutoring is a good option.

  Sales  If you are not introvert, sales may be a good work from home job for you. 

  Transcription  Transcription services are valuable for any number of positions and can be easily done from your home.

  Insurance  If you can explain well to the customer on the subject of insurance then this will be good for you.

  Data entry  If you have good experience in data entry then you can earn good income from this job from home.

  Freelance writer   The company needs different types of writers, if you have experience then it can give you good income.

  Event planning  If you are a good event creator and have good knowledge of decoration then you can do business of event planning.

  Travel Agent  Travel agents are involved in booking vacations, obtaining reservations for hotels, and ordering tickets for special attractions.