Pumuckel is a three-year-old "cuddly" pony that lives in West Germany

Credit by: La Stampa

Carola Weidemann is the owner of Pumuckel

Credit by: Yrt News

Hopefully, it will be included in the Guinness World Records

Credit by: Badische Zeitung

The Guinness Book of World Records told Weidmann that horses and ponies would only be accepted from the age of four

Credit by: Westfalenpost

That's why Weidemann will have to wait for 1 more year

Credit by: Westfalenpost

It’s a cuddly pony and an incredible friend. You constantly want to cuddle and caress him and love him

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A mini Shetland pony should weigh around 264 pounds

Credit by: CAVALLUNA

Pumuckel weighs about 77 pounds

Credit by: Badische Zeitung

Pumuskil's height is just 50 cm

Credit by: Nordkurier.de