Some such cars that you will not see in 2023.

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The ILX compact luxury sedan was a brand entry in 2013, the company has discontinued the production of this car.

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The Encore subcompact was introduced in 2013 but Encore sales have fallen 42% in 2022.

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In August 2022, Chevrolet stopped production of the Spark subcompact, the cheapest car on the market.

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Ford is ending production of the EcoSport subcompact crossover SUV in 2022 due to declining sales.

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The company wants to focus on its hybrid core model, hence the production of the hybrid sedan has been discontinued.

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The company launched the RX L, a three-row version of the RX SUV, in 2017, which is being discontinued and redesigned.

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The 1990s Avalon is being phased out by Toyota to be replaced with a new model.

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PASSAT sedan is going to bid goodbye to usa Volkswagen showrooms after 30 years.

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