Chris Hemsworth's Acting Break, and Maybe a Permanent Thor Break.

credit by: the daily news

Chris Hemsworth ready to reprise his role in THOR 5 in MCU.

credit by: the daily news

Crish has reportedly confirmed that if he does appear in Thor 5, It will be his last Thor.

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Hemsworth is the only MCU Star to have done 4 stand alone movies.

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Hemsworth made his debut as the God of Thunder in 2011's Thar.

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Hemsworth working on his new series set to air on Disney Plus.

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Hemsworth is working on a series called Limitless.

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He tests his mind and body in the Limitless series where he performs dangerous stunts.

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He may be brought back to finish his character in Avengers as well.

credit by: PEOPLE

The Australian actor said that Marvel would have to end the Thar story if Hemsworth were to do the movie.

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