Clark and some of its subsidiaries have announced the safety recall of a total of 8 styles of Breeze and Brinkley women's shoes

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All shoes are navy and navy blue color

The reason for this safety recall is the identification of a benzidine or dimethoxybenzidine chemical in some samples of these shoes

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The safety recall will impact the following styles: Brinkley Step in navy; Breeze Step in navy; Breeze Step in navy/white

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Breeze Step in dark navy; Breeze Ave in dark navy; Brinkley Ave in dark navy; Brinkley Shore in navy; and Breeze Shore in navy

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Prolonged exposure to these chemical hazard shoes can have adverse health effects

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Clark contacts more and more people they have bought shoes

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Refund to Customers Taking Back Shoes

Customer can also contact through phone USA - 1-800-480-5092 Canada - 1 800 480 5137 UK - 0800 088 2332

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