Lake Mead has become a house of dead bodies these days.

credit by: the new york times

As the water level of Lake Mead recedes, a pile of dead bodies is seen.

credit by: UNLV

Many can be associated with Chicago mob activity in Las Vegas.

credit by: abc news

Lake Mead provides drinking water to 25 million people.

credit by: unlv

The lake is going through a very bad drought, so far 6 skeletons have been found.

credit by: sky news

A body with a bullet in the skull and some clothing were found in the 1970s or 1980s.

credit by: wliw

In the decade of 1970 and 1998, the infamous gangster controlled this area.

credit by: 8NEWSNOW

The FBI held Tony Spilotro responsible for all the murders.

credit by: the new york times

Tony Spilotro killed himself in 1986.

credit by: sky news

Lake Mead is drying up due to climate change, but the removal of dead bodies has become a problem.

credit by: abc news