The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Wednesday that a deadly outbreak of Listeria in contaminated meat and cheese occurred in 6 states

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16 people have been infected in 6 states and 13 have been admitted to the hospital

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To date, 7 infections have been reported in NY, 3 in Maryland, 2 in Illinois, 2 in Massachusetts, 1 in California, and 1 in NJ

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The agency recommends that pregnant people, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems should not eat meat or cheese without heating

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There has been one death in Maryland by listeria

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The age of the infected people ranged from 38 to 92

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Over half of those sickened were men

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Most infected people are of Eastern European descent and speak Russian

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The number of sick people in this outbreak is likely to exceed the number reported, and the outbreak could extend to other states, the CDC said

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