Formula One has confirmed details of a new women's racing series called F1 Academy

Credit by:  Gulf News

It aims to provide a platform for women drivers to pursue a career in racing

Credit by:   Forbes

The F1 Academy will have five teams, run by existing F2 and F3 teams

Credit by:   F1

F1 says they will provide €150,000 (£130,000) of funding for each car

Credit by: Motor Sport Magazine

The series will be run by Bruno Michel, who also manages F3 and F2

Credit by:   Formula 2

F1 says it will be an 'additional route' for young women alongside the W Series

Credit by:  The Guardian

This series will start in 2023

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The last female to race in F1 was Lella Lombardi back in 1976

Credit by:  Females in Motorsport